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My life is outrageously indescribable and filled with wonder.  Using words to express the sublime is almost an impossible task.  I am determined to try because people need to hear and read about miracles and marvels occurring right here on earth.  Since they have occurred throughout my life, there is no reason why anyone cannot experience the certainty of a higher presence and power that is total love.  I fully understand how we are all one regardless of appearance.  What happens to one can happen to another.  It is with great humility and love that I offer you sweet morsels from my life~

To make my point about the outrageous occurring in unexpected moments, the first offering will take you beyond time and space.  The only limitations we experience are the self-made ones.  Drop your concepts and programming and enjoy the ride!

Miracles & Marvels will cover every aspect of life.  If your belief system is rigid, you may question how a woman who doesn’t go to church, temple or mosque can be genuine.  Surprise!  Experiencing the Divine has absolutely nothing to do with organized belief systems.  What occurs in our lives is a direct result of what is in our hearts.   You are invited to join me in an ongoing journey where I repeatedly experience Heaven on Earth. 


Scientists and those of us who choose not to limit our imagination have been intrigued with the idea of manipulating time, moving it backward and forward with ease and control.  The idea of dematerializing and materializing people and objects has also attracted the attention of minds that accept anything is possible.  Today, there are some of us experiencing events that have only been previously described in ancient sacred writing or science fiction.

I had recently purchased a new car from a dealership approximately an hour’s drive from home.  I decided to bring it back and have an alarm system installed and rustproofed.  A loaner was given to me for three days.  On the day that I returned the loaner, a sleet storm suddenly occurred when I was only half way to the destination.  The four-lane traffic was moving actually over the speed limit.  I discovered that the windshield wiper wasn’t working.  Keeping eyes focused on the toll way traffic, my hand mistakenly touched the water spray and in a blink of an eye, the windshield was frozen. I was in the far left lane.  Cars were doing their normal speeding in front, the side, and back of me.  I couldn’t see anything and did not know my location or how soon the exit ramp would appear.

Without warning, I experienced what it would be like to be in a scene from a futuristic science story.  In shock, the car with me in it was moved to the top of an exit ramp, which led from a right lane.  Remember, I had been driving blind in the far left lane surrounded by speeding cars a second previously.  I haven’t a clue to this day how far the car and I traveled before resting at the top of the precise exit ramp where I needed to turn left and continue to the dealership.  Shaking head to foot, I slowly drove the car into the gas station, which happened to be right there.  When I felt strong enough to stand, I got out of the car and scraped the windows clean and finished the short drive to pick up my own car.  What an outstanding display of angelic love and power!!!  Can you imagine my shock and relief?  The whole episode happened in a breath.  I did nothing.  No steering or maneuvering.  I couldn’t have done anything if I tried to.  Everything was methodically taken care of for me.  Ego immediately checked if any cars were nearby.   There wasn’t.  The dematerialization and materialization happened so quickly that perhaps if someone had been in back or front of me when I was deposited at the top of the ramp, they probably would have been oblivious to the miracle.  By the way, when I turned in the loaner I suggested they replace the windshield wiper but nary a word regarding the time travel event.

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