Saturday, July 22, 2017


We are fully capable of, and responsible for, being in the higher rhythms.  Regardless of appearance, each of us have to waken to the conscious realization of the divine energy, our true rhythm and get in tune with it. If you are looking for the Second Coming and a true Rapture, start genuinely loving your self and do your part to uplift all life on earth.  Perhaps, the Battle of Armageddon, after all, is that daily struggle within our consciousness between the lower thoughts of the ego and the  negative feelings hiding beneath our human nature.

When we clear the subconscious of memories that harm, it feels like 'being born again'.  When we understand rhythms and true Divine power and presence, we experience an amazing form of Rapture...a spiritual elevation.  More of us need to demonstrate a higher love for self, other people, all life and the planet.  Could the Second Coming be the arrival of a genuine spiritual consciousness returning as Divine Love in all humanity and not only a few?

We are destined to fulfill our consciousness and physical field with light, love, discernment and truth.  How can there be genuine and lasting joy if the real battle isn't recognized and won?  We must be brave, gain a higher understanding and visualize our will and love physically manifested in a three dimensional world.  The inner battle as well as the outer battle has been going on since life appeared on earth.  Cleanse your subconscious, become a warrior and fight with, for and by the Light of God.  The purpose of the Battle is the attainment of balance.  It is with balance that we can actually experience peace and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Are you ready to step forward with a firm identification with Divine Consciousness and consciously live as best as you can with the higher rhythms of Light? We are designed to succeed.  Why procrastinate?

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

Friday, July 21, 2017



Saturday, July 15, 2017


In order to cure the world's suffering, it is first necessary to cure "what is at its roots in man."  Nothing can be cured outside if it is not first cured inside.  Nothing can be controlled outside if it is not controlled inside, for inside and outside are the same thing.  Interestingly enough, we can both cure and control inside and outside through our dream state.  Sleep is a healing and helpful blessing when we achieve a conscious sleep, a point of development where we are awake all the time, although our body sleeps.  Our universe is a gradation of planes of consciousness ranging from multiple levels of mind occurring on a variety of planes of consciousness.  Sleep is simply a different position of consciousness within the gradation.  The key to being wide awake on all levels of mind is dependent on our consciousness.

If we are aware and awake in our consciousness, the awareness will produce control and cures in our sleep state.  For instance, have you ever experienced a warning in a dream and within a day or two the dream materializes in your daily life?  When we are in tune, we can be given inventions, cures for illnesses, inspirational ideas, much needed hope and travel to levels of consciousness that may elude us in the physically awakened state.  When our consciousness leaves our body during sleep, we have the ability to visit the emotional, mental and higher vibrations of supreme Light we have accepted as our reality. Notice...I said accepted.  To be successful, we must keep silent as possible when we wake up in order to feel, understand and consciously assimilate the range of consciousness and the messages received during the night.  If we persevere, remain motionless and silent upon awakening, we remember the truths imparted to us.

It is helpful to give yourself a command to remember before you fall asleep. This is a vast subject but if understood clearly and with an intuitive mind that is open to a grander form of guidance, lives can be saved, hope received and we can learn how to reverse unwanted situations 'scheduled' to appear in our lives.  When we are a conscious being in the sleep state as well as striving to achieve mastery in our physical state, we realize that there is law and order, 'miracles' and opportunities available to us while out of our physical body.  Strange as it may sound, events first occur in the subtle planes.  I have had firsthand experiences on multiple occasions that have proven to me the value of being alert to what appears in a dream.  A life can be saved, an accident averted, possibilities both negative and positive waiting in the 'wings', so to speak.  It is our choice to act or to ignore.  My point in touching on this one very important part of a vast subject is to remind you that we can change future events consciously in our dreams if we don't want them to happen.  We have that power.    If we have a premonition of something about to happen that "something" already exists on a subtle plane before taking place here.  This holds true mainly on the lower levels of consciousness.  By lower, I mean where we have not yet consciously reached a higher state of mastery.  When dreams appear to those who have risen to a higher scale of consciousness, the dreams are for the benefit of the individual, humanity and global life forms.  True freedom occurs on the higher planes beyond the normal passions and disorderly thinking and feeling nature of the lesser developed consciousness.  The loftier level of dreams given to an evolved consciousness, may not take manifested form until years later and tend to be very similar to visions. Sleep is meant to be a conscious tool helping us reach a level of continuously being awake whether on this side of the veil or the other.

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

Friday, July 7, 2017


To fully understand the present, we must have at least a cursory glance of our past.  
Beneath the stunning spectacle of around 300 billion galaxies is the Oneness.  We are portions of that oneness.  Because we live in what is referred to as the middle of the 5th root race, the fifth out of seven, most of us haven't a clue as to our origin or purpose.  The Rig Veda is worth looking into since it offers a glimpse into a higher reality.  Although current scholars continue to disagree regarding the meaning of the Sanskrit words in the Rig Veda, the words will open a door in your mind to a grander reality than many of us have been programmed to accept.  Earth's current science has now seen over 300 billion galaxies in the universe.  In the long ago past, the brain patterns must have been very different from the poet Seers who spontaneously spoke of creation and truths that are rarely grasped in the minds of people living today. Ancient Vedic views are similar to our current astronomical, particle physics and other words, energy.  Except for modern science and quantum physics theories, humanity has obviously devolved.  It appears that the masses of today are currently trapped in the five senses.  Relief as well as understanding surfaces when we come across words spoken by ancient individuals who were perhaps 'visitors' to our planet for a specific purpose such as offering us a glimpse into something far grander than a mundane view of life and its meaning.  It is comforting to learn that men and women have appeared on earth periodically whose speech, writing, thought and outward activity come from a source above the brain-mind commonly used today.

It is written that there are a series of seven Root-races evolving on earth during our present grand cycle.  Today, we are considered to be existing at the midpoint of the fifth Root-race.  The fifth continent is called "America" but Europe and Asia Minor are its equals. This race is referred to as the Aryans. Ethnologically, the Aryans were the original Indo-European nomadic tribesmen, an aggressive race of horsemen that moved east into India and West into the "near East" and Europe.  Our make-up is primarily mental.  Many changes have occurred with the last one happening some 12,000 years ago and followed 3,000 years later by the submersion of Plato's Atlantic Island we commonly refer to as Atlantis. The fifth sub-race (the European) originated 9000 years ago and has another 16,000 years to live before a series of cataclysms cause the submergence of many parts of Europe, including Britain, most of France, Holland, some of Spain and a good deal of Italy.   The 'end times' are not now.

Thankfully, there is emerging a sixth sub-race, that is primarily intuitional in nature. This will not take place overnight. Environmentally, there will be some slow sinking of various coastlines and great earthquakes.  Hopefully, you will feel some relief learning that with the 6th Root-race will come an advanced racial expression that will demonstrate group consciousness, telepathic rapport, high intelligence and intuitive skills, all combined with numerous other qualities.  The principal home of the sixth Root-Race according to the ancient teachings will be the Americas.  Our current dry land will be under water.  The new lands now forming at the sea bottom will have risen above its surface.  North and South America will then be more widely united.  The old Lemuria beds in the present Pacific ocean will be raised and joined to the western coast of the Americas.

Why do I bother mentioning that there are seven major root races of mankind?  It could be satisfying for us to understand that there is a higher plan and that although appearances are often dismal, humanity is struggling onward to a cycle definitely more on the Spiritual side.  Evolution both physically and spiritually has been going on for millions of years.  As more of the souls who come in resonate to the sixth sub-race are born, they will bring in wisdom and intuition, blending all that is good in the intelligence of the fifth sub-race we still are in and the emotional strength of the fourth sub-race. 

Observing humanity, it definitely appears that many people are choosing a self-destructive path.  I feel this will continue to happen until more of us decide to take responsibility for our own journey.  It is not the  fabricated journey we have been programmed to believe.  All the 'growing up' steps are  accomplished here in the physical.  It is time to face an obvious fact, no one else will save us. We obviously have evolved over an extremely long length of time...millions of years.  Yet, there is hope.  Are there things we can do on a daily basis to help ourselves evolve?  The first step is to shed the conditioning most of which is false.  Next, open the mind to infinite possibilities, and choose to explore and actually apply some of the successful examples many of us live and have written about.  It is a choice...

In gratitude,
Shirlee Hall

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Since imagination is limitless, let's imagine a new and super human.  I am not solely referring to remaining healthy, retaining a young appearance, mind or agility, this is already occurring naturally and synthetically as a result of  choice and advanced technology.  I'm imagining more along the lines of a superior collective spiritual consciousness and how it would affect the body, mind, and  all life across the globe.  Physical evolution has slowly plugged along and spiritual evolution has obviously been dragging its feet.  Humans are repeating the same mistakes that were created many thousands of years ago.  How can the insidious pattern change?  Artificial means is not the answer; they are only a temporary 'fix'.

The effects and results happen when we consciously connect with Cause.  Instead of bemoaning life, we can stopped being mesmerized by the effects and go back to our True Self, Cause, on the side of the Magician.  How do we do that?  By stopping being satisfied with life as we are used to it and a body subject to the physical laws of gravity and decay.  We can live a divine life on earth and this begins with our mind/body.  The body, the effects, will respond to our conscious will.  This leads to the necessity of raising our vibrations.  Simple example is anger.  When anger is felt the body responds.  What if we constantly focused on light, beauty, love and truth?  If this was our focus, we could easily demonstrate the visible heaven of light within and change the brain, the heart and the will.  We not only heal ourselves but reach far out with a higher communication through the means of Light to others.

We need to consciously go beyond what we consider our mind and body for self-renewal.  Behind our organs are centers of consciousness.  We can transform ourselves from being an 'animal-man' by focusing on the centers of energy behind areas of our body/mind and choose to use  the higher  and mostly forgotten vibrations, the true centers of energy.  Every part of the body symbolizes a hidden energy center.  To become a super being, we must understand and work with the consciousness and substance of every aspect of life.  We need to consciously train ourselves to have authority over substance.  Substance will obey our will.  I am not talking about something esoterically mysterious but a precise and scientific process where we finally understand and accept our True Spiritual Identity and allow its higher vibrations to be in charge.  Our inner light has the power to change, heal and do what it will with matter.  We need to understand this clearly and then do something about it.  Everything is Light.  The goal is to be completely connected to our inner Light and it, the Light of us, can then be in charge upon the light in matter.

Choosing to create a grander version of a human is like the work of a scientist.  This has nothing to do with miracles.  It has everything to do with our awakening to the inner and true Reality of Identity.  There is a consciousness-force in each atom and cell.  A change in consciousness, an acceptance of what I am trying to convey will reverse disease and suffering and it is done through a huge leap in consciousness.  Either we believe that God is the force that is our true energy and allow that power to manifest toward the aim of living a conscious and masterful life, or we continue for thousands of more years struggling, suffering and dying and believing that nothing life-changing is possible.  People want change.  This is the revolt that is needed...change against everything that we have accepted that no longer works or is true.  The change comes from within~
We can establish a new physical order.

In hope and love,
Shirlee Hall