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How can we really keep a smile on our face if we have not found what we always were?  I am speaking of our true spiritual identity.  Until we love our self and love everything, we will love nothing really and only possess our shadow. Everything is connected.  There is no connection only eyes that do not see.  We have to know where we are looking.  How can we realize we are light when this truth is not looked for or understood?

We make everything so complicated.  The only need is to BE and nourish the inner flame.  Instead, most souls live in a mental bubble of falsity.  Isn't it time we burst the bubble?  Our inner flame has the ability to set us free.  It is so simple yet, false teachings have convinced us otherwise.  There is a Harmony, a joy that our greater Self is waiting to share with us.  All it takes is our cooperation.  If we allow the inner flame to do its natural and healing work, it will consume all the suffering and bubbles of suffering.  There is but one Harmony.  It is up to us to unveil it a little at a time.  Truth is a great disturber.  There will be disorder at first but this is normal.  Why not serve our  higher self, the flame of truth, and embrace the tremendous transforming Power of a new consciousness?  We quicken the process by opening our eyes to compassion.  When we see with the eyes of the Great Self, are wings begin to open, people smile frequently and everything changes because we are truly alive.

In harmony
Shirlee Hall

"The healing fire comes and touches the hearts and bodies of the souls who are ready to be healed.  those who are ready have caught the flame and will rise to a greater life." Shin-Ra Workshops


Thursday, May 11, 2017


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"The healing fire comes and touches the hearts and bodies of the souls who are ready to be healed.  those who are ready have caught the flame and will rise to a greater life." Shin-Ra Workshops
Baba on a Tee shirt...wear him near your heart.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Perhaps, if we had control of our thoughts most of the time, we would only store thoughts and feelings that are in alignment with what we wish to manifest in our life.  Perhaps, miracles regardless of the type are simply a manifestation of a belief system.  Instant healing is not the only miracle.  Anything that is unexplained could be categorized as a miracle.  What appears in our everyday lives is the result of the vibratory power of the subconscious mind.  What we normally think day by day is the basis for continually creating our reality.  If the outcome is limited, we need to look closely at our thoughts and belief system.  We have been taught since childhood to believe a certain way and that way is accepted as truth.

Perhaps, normal events are miracles.  We are all taught basically the same things about what normal is without the understanding that we are the creators.  What is believed will eventually manifest. Why not deliberately train the mind to change the old consciousness of pain, lack, limitation, and suffering?  By changing the mind, we can transform anything if given enough patience, thought, discipline and imagination.

I feel some of us are ready to deliberately bring in a new consciousness where we can actually transform matter.  I am not only referring to emergency situations but to anything that needs an extra boost, so to speak.  Why not embrace the challenge of not living an automatic life and start changing habits.  First, we have to change the mind.

What if all the negative things that happen are a falsity?  What if there is a higher law?  Why not explore and learn how to be an intelligent being who has power?  Humans are unique compared to the other animals because we can by changing our mind alter ourselves. 

We change our energy to the higher and pure levels when we accept the fact that we can actually evolve on all levels whether they be in consciousness or matter.  There is a creative force running through the universe.  Use it with love, integrity, and compassion to change not only what needs to be changed in life as a whole and stable organism but to help lift the energy of the world.

Humanity needs a cure.  There is one.  Wake up!  Ask to be in contact with your full potential.  Love, trust and with confidence use your potential for good. When we step up within the evolutionary ladder, we recognize our consciousness determines everything.  It is a force that only has limits if we decide to limit it working through and as us.

To be a conscious chemist or an alchemist in the mind, we need to treat our goal as a chemistry experiment so it can be repeated by others as well. When we are successful, the vibration will spread.  Ask where did these thoughts come from? For me to think or speak about humanity evolving physically as well as in consciousness, someone, somewhere in space-time has accomplished how I visualize evolution. We need a new or heightened vibration on earth to cancel the disorder and set the 'crooked places' straight.

Many people desire a change but do not know where to begin.  It always begins within.  We need to put our own things in order.  We know that there are endless degrees in the field of vibration.  The goal is to lift ours.  The highest vibration is the pure light and love of God.  I feel we can actually experience freedom in a physical body.  There is another step beyond meditation.  We don't need to go into the bliss state to experience oneness and our true identity as individualized spirit temporarily in form.  Go into meditation, yes, but bring down the pure light into the mind and body.  Create a higher vibratory human.

A few years ago, I was sitting in meditation and asked if there is a simple technique I could share with other people who have a similar desire to serve the life on this planet and the planet Herself.  The luminous spirit body of a deceased Bulgarian teacher and mystic appeared before me carrying a bucket of dazzling white light and a large paint brush.  Without saying a word, I watched him paint spiritual light over trees, flowers, animals, houses, cars and people.  The message was a very simple one and an easy practice for any of us to do on a regular basis.

Simple things as spreading light, checking on our thoughts and feelings and purpose throughout the day...a reality check will make a huge difference.  Make an effort to be conscious all the time of our goal and genuinely in tune to the truth of things.  As we succeed, the right kind of authority is increased.  Connecting to our super consciousness is what I am referring to.  The more that we consciously practice a reality check, the greater will be our success in molding not only the personal form and life as perfection with the appropriate vibrations but be of genuine service to all life.  Perhaps, what we usually refer to as miracles are actually the positive outcomes of elevated understanding.  Add to that understanding a more scientific way of looking at how energy can be directly used, will surprise us with unthought and amazingly wonderful results.

Jesus said in John 14:12-14 and four other scriptures how we could do what he did and even greater things.  He also said he would 'send' to his disciples the Holy Spirit.  He was referring to the sublime creative energy.  What people judge as miracles don't appear to be as common today.  Perhaps, it is because many people lack the combination of love and a scientific understanding that came naturally to Jesus and other highly awakened beings.  They were obviously attempting to explain through example as simply as possible what to them was intimately known as a higher Reality.  

Shirlee Hall
Baba on a Tee shirt...wear him near your heart.

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4-22-17 New Saturday Blog
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It is extremely urgent for us to become conscious of the divine within.  An awakening collective consciousness would definitely bring much-needed relief to a world filled with suffering life.  I wonder if it ever enters anyone’s mind that we are destined to live a higher life.  Perhaps, more people need to take this question seriously before the human species disappears.  Many years ago, I had a long and detailed vision of a giant puzzle slowly coming together.  During that same time period, a series of visions moved before me regarding natural earth changes.  No explanation was given.  I didn’t ask for one.  I did ask not to be shown visions of destruction in the future. Something different needs to happen for all the pieces of the puzzle of our existence to fall into place.  One day, the gap between the lives typically lived today and a much higher physical existence will manifest.  True knowledge is desperately needed.

Anything created, whether it is a rock, plant, animal or man has its individual blueprint of light among a multitude of patterns in the manifestation of Matter. This is a fact and no longer a mystery.  I often think about what it may be like when humans collectively arrive at a conscious state of perfection.  We will need to be perfection in our own kind, within our own law of being…the full play of it.  Is it possible that we can grow into a superhuman, to actually become the nature and capacities of God right here in matter?   Frankly, I don’t see why we cannot seek through the mind the mastery and use and enjoyment of the inner pattern, which can be clairvoyantly viewed as a divine blueprint. Is being physically perfect part of the command; ‘Be ye perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father, which is in heaven is perfect.’ Matthew 5:48

At the moment, the majority of us remain mental-emotional beings and are not fully conscious beings.  I often hear people commenting how humans cannot be perfect. Why not?  Why not evolve and be a grander version of what we are now?  It is difficult for me to accept that humanity, as it is today, cannot eventually awaken into a divine or super human.   Each grade of cosmic manifestation has a divine blueprint and an indwelling spirit energy providing it life.   Since the same world suffering continues today as it did yesterday, humanity must only be half-evolved.  We have the capacity to become filled with a truth consciousness.  Perhaps, humanity isn’t ready for real brotherhood and living a life that is more harmonious and true.  As a result of humanities lack of readiness, could it be that we refer to natural happenings as miracles, as divine interventions?

We who have the gifts of spirit may be simply opening the way of the future.  Could it be that what we consider as supernatural is actually natural and the delicacies flowing through us appear for the purpose to encourage others that man will eventually outstrip the animal in mind evolution?   Will and purpose must be firmly established.  Pure awareness must be developed and directed toward our gaining consciously here in the flesh the highest perfection.

One way to better understand our physical make-up is to accept that everything in the manifested universe-solar, planetary, or the various kingdoms in nature has an energy form.  It controls, governs, and conditions the outer physical body.  It is called the etheric or vital body.  It is a double of the physical body and its objective is to vitalize and energize the physical body.  All forms material or physical have an etheric body.  The body double is the mold of the physical body.  It is not the astral-emotional body or mental body.  It is the archetype upon which the dense physical form is built, whether it is the form of a solar system, or of a human body.  It forms a barrier between the physical and astral/emotional planes.  The etheric body can be damaged leading to disease.  It is also physical.  I’ve seen etheric doubles since a child.  A strong vital etheric provides the energy and ability to protect and keep us comfortable.  If we have an illness, it has the ability to help us recover quickly.  Some people do have devitalized etheric bodies.  This is usually caused by karmic limitations.

We have to carefully watch our stress levels.  To keep the vital double body balanced give it natural sunlight, water, frequent change and unique colors. The ether-double enjoys simple and quiet times.  Ancient writings have described the etheric body and it’s being distinct from the physical body.  It is an intermediate between the physical world and the astral or soul world.   Did you even consider the fact that all material, no matter how solid it appears to us with our limited senses, is really just vibrating energy? 

Go to the core of any atom in any object and you will discover the energy that connects all things. This must be the answer to why some of us can talk and even give commands to objects whether they are an electrical appliance, a furnace or a car and it will suddenly begin work again.  We, all forms of life, are in reality energy beings; our physical bodies are comprised of atoms which are made of energy and the only thing that prevents us from reconnecting into a big confused mass of chaos is the different vibrations of the energy mixed with time and space. It’s basic stuff that the majority of people don’t understand, which is really sad.

I am suggesting that a healing could possibly take place not always as the result of a ‘higher’ assistance.  Could it be that marvels, mysteries, and miracles may occur with our exercising the right use of mind and taking deliberate action from a scientific point of view?  A focused mind is fully capable of moving energy and creating in such a way that negative vibrations are removed whether they exist in or around us.  Anything is possible

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall
copyright 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Resurrection can be an act or fact of bringing someone back to life through various means such as a change in consciousness.  In other words, resurrection does happen when the consciousness actually changes in the mind, emotions, senses and physical cells.  If some people can resurrect a career, marriage or an idea, why not seriously investigate the possibility of resurrecting consciousness, saving lives, giving hope, and blessing our dear earth and her life.  The ultimate achievement would be an upgrade of humanity, a humanity that lives a divine life.  In the Arabic alphabet, the word "hu" "man" means god-man. Since humans typically do not behave as god-men, perhaps we desperately need an upgrade.

Meditation, prayer, visions, inspirational writing and service to others is a tremendous help but obviously not enough. The cycles of grief continue.   If it were enough, suffering would not be ongoing, widespread and a suffocating conscious ignorance of our soul purpose and plan continue to be the norm.  This is one of the many reasons we must awaken and be responsible for our journey.  An excellent beginning point is to clear and heal subconscious memories. This is only the first step but an extremely needed and important step.  Humanity runs on past memories.  We are constantly reminded of this fact.  Great teachers can only suggest.  We must do. There are powerful methods available that if we actually did them as a daily practice a tremendous shift would occur in consciousness.  I feel it has become mandatory that we consciously know and daily practice a cleansing of the various levels of our mind and body to alleviate world suffering.  A drastic change is obviously needed.  As a result of the daily bombardment of negative energy impacting our cells, we must take conscious daily action to avoid the cancerous feelings, thoughts, words and actions being constantly broadcast through the ethers and destroying lives and the earth itself.

I am often shown in dreams or visions tools or methods that will help if applied not only for myself but also others who are concerned about the ongoing mesmerism and assault of the soul.  In one dream, I was escorting a male client down a steep staircase toward the basement of his home.  What we saw on the basement floor was filth, piles of garbage, a disgusting array of disorder and neglect.  I told him to find a broom, shovel, and dust pan and plastic bags and start cleaning.  I stood and watched.  It was his subconscious journey, not mine.  Something fascinating happened unexpectedly.  All of a sudden, a subtle figure of light looking exactly like the physical body of my client was directly behind him.  The subtle body, whether you want to think of it as his soul or a guardian had decided to help him clean his past history.  His cooperative action definitely gave the impression that he was making himself available so the human life struggling before him could begin to experience a sensation of freedom and not imprisonment.  The subtle figure of light swept right behind my client offering his energy to ensure that the job was done.  The scene was very interesting to observe.

Self-image doesn’t change by itself.  Many of us have been bullied, criticized, made fun of and much, much worse periodically during our lives.  The stress of being told 40,000 times or more as a child, “No, No, No”, is enough to cause serious stress.  There are many things we can do to heal ourselves.  Most of them don’t cost us money.  Remind yourself that the intellectual part of the mind, the emotional, the sensory and the physical mind are in control of your body.  Most of the input we receive is distorted.  Also, the typical human would rather die and keep their habits than exist in a ‘resurrected’ way and give them up!  The false programming and suffering must stop!  What can we individually do?  Change our mind.  How can we change or heal our body if our mind isn’t changed beforehand?

Shirlee Hall
copyright 2017


Saturday, April 8, 2017


Do you ever have a sense, a feeling that you may be multidimensional?  There are some scientists and thinkers who feel that technology is causing humanity to 'evolve' into a new species.  Some futurologists predict that we will evolve into super humans called Homo Optimus and be 'digitally' immortal by 2050.  In other words, if you're under the age of 40, there is a good chance you will achieve 'electronic immortality' during your lifetime.  Scientifically, being part robot may be advancement but spiritually it is a far cry from genuine enlightenment.

From my view, there is a grander possibility.  If more of us would seriously seek to transform ourselves, we would be forerunners of a new super race.  Something different needs to happen because humanity keeps recycling its old ways that no longer work as a movement toward
a collective enlightenment, harmony, and peace.

What could we do to create a massive lifting of world consciousness that would thrust us eventually into a super being?  It is becoming obvious to me that to create a new race more of us would need to seek a "life divine" and become fully and permanently awakened in a way that is sorely lacking right now.  This won't happen easily unless we progress and remove all aspects of division and ignorance on every level and replace separation and chaos with a genuine unity consciousness.  It is a consciousness that I firmly feel will one day manifest.

As a direct result of a lifetime that embraces oneness strengthened through love, I know that if we choose to be our authentic Self, we can transform and even spiritualize anything if we put our heart and mind toward a new truth consciousness based on a super-humanity.

At an early age, I began to sense that I had multi-dimensional capabilities. I felt life is a continuum and we never die.  I would remember ancient times and tune into future possibilities.  I could clearly see with my physical eyes opened or closed.  In other words, eyes and retinas were not in those moments needed to see.  I was aware that more activity was occurring in our environment than most people consciously realized.

Besides the physical senses, we have spiritual senses.  When my spiritual senses became active, everything changed.  I actually don't know what it is like to be in a dark place.  Perhaps, you see this way as well.  Light energy is seen everywhere including the blueprint light form(s) behind every animate and inanimate object.  This unusual sight obviously observes by an internal light.  Standing in front of a mirror with physical eyes closed, I can see every button on my blouse and whatever else there is to see both nonphysical or in the third dimension.  This is not having a "vision".  Visions are a different form of phenomena. Visions come and go.  The endless points of light could be described as pure essence. Pure essence is similar to primordial substance for lack of a better word.
Many people have similar ‘gifts’.  For instance, when you turn the lights off in a room at night do you see a room filled with billions of brilliant dots?  Those dots are undoubtedly conscious of themselves.  If this is the case, then everything becomes a living consciousness. Perhaps, this form of sight is not a gift but a natural part of our evolution as forerunners to a new super race. Glimpses into a vaster reality whether it be physical or subtle is stunning.  I feel the brief glimpses occur to give hope and a grander realization of a birth that humanity is slowly moving toward.  None of this has anything to do with the mental element.
Divinity, Radiant Intelligent Light, hold creation together and give life to every physical and material form within or without. Before there was matter and physical forms as we commonly think of this reality, God’s creation was subtle vibrating light with varying degrees of intensity. The multi-dimensions continue to exist.  Light does not die.  Matter, the covering, simply changes form. Matter only appears to have a beginning and an end.  I am assuming that future humans will evolve and see in a whole new way. Perhaps, we understood this long ago and have simply forgotten~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall
(Excerpt from one of the new books I am writing)

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Speaking from a firsthand experience over thirty-five years ago, I am sharing what spiritual surrender did for me.  If you have read any of my books, you already know this story.  It is worth reviewing.  I had had minor lower abdominal surgery.  Back then, the surgeon left me with six visible inches of stitches.  After a few days at home, I noticed discomfort, swelling, and redness. I continued to take care of family, household, shopping, cleaning and the rest.  Once the red streaks appeared across the swollen area and a high fever slowed me down, I realized that my next ride should be to the emergency room.  That is what a normal reaction would be.  I mustn’t be normal.  I dislike hospitals and no one was home to take care of the baby, family, cat or house.  It was 11:00 AM.  I decided to go back to bed and totally surrender my life to God. This means I fully opened my mind, heart, and physical life to my original Self. I did not attend church nor did I consider myself a 'religious' person. The trust, faith and action came from deep within me. Somewhere back in time, I obviously had prepared my consciousness for surrender.

I lay my hands on the area and simply asked that the Holy Spirit take over.  An instant connection occurred.  I didn’t fall asleep; I fell unconscious.  When I opened my eyes one hour later, my stomach was flat, the red streaks, pain, and fever had left my body and the infection was draining from both ends of the six-inch long stitches.  Sounds gross but it worked!  Divinity took care of everything. 
After offering heartfelt gratitude and love for the miracle, I first checked on the baby and then cleaned the surgical area with rubbing alcohol.  At that time, I chose not to tell any of my family members the story I am relating to you.  Why?  I noticed that I felt like a different person.  A power and presence filled me.  As the days proceeded, gifts of the Spirit became very evident.  The gifts expanded and I felt the dramatic healing was the beginning of a ‘born again’ experience.  I definitely felt like a new person.
During the months ahead and until this day, Divinity or the Beloved as I affectionately refer to my Spiritual Identity, was my best friend.  Divinity intuitively gave me an affirmation of faith to remember and use as a guideline in the years ahead.  The plan suggested that I am to become humanly what I am spiritually.  The poem was a reminder that the mind and body’s purpose is to be a temple for the eternal soul.  If I remembered, I would eventually become a conscious priest and reference was made to the heart, an alter.  My life’s purpose would be one of love and service.  The poem emphasized that I was the one responsible for transforming the subconscious, conscious and body into its True Identity here in physical life. The love affair could be done through faith, willing thoughts, and desires.  Although the affirmation contained approximately thirteen statements, it basically offered a plan of victory to all souls that desire to be conscious creators, lessen suffering and live without limitations.  Sharing this miracle story with you, I now realize that I have forgotten its message many times.  This is why it behooves us to continually love, forgive, apologize and offer gratitude to not only our own true spiritual Identity but also others and life itself.
Love Always,
Shin aka Shirlee Hall

Saturday, March 25, 2017


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A few years back, I attended a memorial for a friend’s husband.  I had never met him.  I deliberately arrived early so there would be an opportunity to visit with the widow and her immediate family before the other guests arrived.  A group of us were standing and chatting away in a circle.  Suddenly, an attractive woman joined me on the left.  The widow and other family members ignored her.  The stranger looked very much like the widow and I assumed she was a sister.  The woman appeared frustrated, actually agitated.  She left the room as suddenly as she had arrived.  Her stay was brief but long enough for me to closely examine her appearance and behavior.

Later, when the widow walked me to my car, I inquired regarding the woman and her strong family resemblance.  My friend stared at me and was obviously startled and said that no other woman was standing by me in the family circle.  The more I described the appearance of the familiar woman and her mannerisms, the more shocked my widow friend became.  It turned out that I was describing her sister who had died five years previously.

The widow asked if we could meet the following week and whether I would look at a photograph of her sister to verify identification.  Yes, it turned out that the stranger on my left who had joined the family circle in great agitation was her deceased sister.  What was astounding to me was the fact that the physically deceased sister definitely did not look the least bit ethereal.  She looked and acted like a healthy human.  I decided to mimic the sister’s mannerisms in front of the widow.  In shock, my friend said I was imitating her sister exactly as she remembered her.   Think about what actually happened for a moment.   A fascinating form of proof was provided at the memorial service.  I know that it is fairly common for the departed to appear to an energy sensitive human at a service. The deceased sister didn’t look vague or even light filled; she looked like us… solid.  The sister demonstrated by standing next to me that a soul is powerfully alive although it has transcended the physical plane and currently resides in a nonphysical realm.

To my way of thinking, there is something even more important to remember.  Matter can be mastered or created fresh wherever we are.  This indicates that if we truly believe in our higher spiritual identity whether we are physically alive or ‘dead’ anything goes.  There are no limitations only those we create and hold in the mind.  The deceased sister was very much alive and her intention was to display herself to a human, in this case, me, by getting my attention and proving life is a continuum.  Remember, free will is a part of the human creation process.
Other vibratory realms exist simultaneously with the earth plane.  This is nothing new.  Most religions speak of them.  If you don’t actually see the other realms, it doesn’t mean they do not exist.  We experience what we are open and ready to see.  As there are many levels of consciousness here in the physical-emotional-mental plane, this reality holds true in the multiple subtle vibratory levels extending from earth.  The subtle levels are accessible to those who have an active sixth sense as well as the beginning and accelerated stages of an awakened consciousness in the spiritual senses.   What aroused my interest was the deceased sister’s ability to temporarily create a body that appeared as a normal flesh body.  Also, why did she look ‘normal’ to me, meaning appeared as a living human, and no one else saw her?

We usually relegate marvels to angelic beings and their diverse and wonderful choices in loving service to humanity.  My question to you is…if a former human can easily and temporarily create a body appearing as flesh for his or her personal reasons, why can’t more humans take on the challenge of correcting and healing their own physical bodies and take further steps to use the mind to master matter?  Whatever vibration we are temporarily residing in we obviously continue to have access to mind, will, choice and various levels of consciousness.  Something to think about…perhaps, humanity as we typically experience ourselves is an unfinished product.

Shirlee Hall
Copyright 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017



To explain to someone who is using drugs or exercising any of the debilitating habits of self-destruction available that he is making a harmful choice that actually will work against his peace, freedom, and happiness is not generally understood. Most people believe the human life is the entirety of existence; the physical life is far from it.
Fallacies need to be exorcised but the one that causes great physical harm is the urgent need to successfully remove a mischievous or evil spirit from a person who has innocently opened the door to darkness and eventual destruction.  Mistreating either the body or mind either innocently or deliberately creates a target for manipulation. People either ignore the warnings or they simply haven’t heard of this possibility.  Mind control in various forms can take place unknowingly.
Sadly enough, many people choose to descend to rock bottom and discover through unbelievable suffering their own immortality and heaven.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  We are here on earth to bring our own higher spiritual Self, power and presence into matter through our mind and physical body.  This eternal truth is not generally accepted and suffering continues. I can speak with conviction regarding this subject because of the years of firsthand experiences in the area of offering hope and healing. 
The following example is what can actually happen to any one of us through either a dangerous focus or the misuse of a substance.  A young neighbor, a student, had been influenced in a negative way by a subtle earthbound soul.  In the subtle realms, the souls vary in their light and purpose very similar to here in density. The intruder was gaining control over the young woman’s desires.  Previously, the girl had been a fine student without any major personality problems.  She became involved with drugs and areas of interest that were opposed to health principles.  As a direct result, her habits changed in a way that alarmed her father.  He was the one who called me for help.
Slowly, the young woman was changing as a direct result of the intruding earthbound soul and its negative energy. Prior to visiting their home, I was not given any information as to why the father asked me to speak to his daughter. In fact, I had not met either one of them previous to his request.  The daughter and I were left alone.  We casually talked in the comfort of their living room.   I mainly listened and then quite unexpectedly I knew why I was there.  All of a sudden an unexpected rush of negative and very uncomfortable heat assaulted my body.  I intuitively felt in that moment of fiery intensity that the negative entity influencing the girl knew that I could banish it.  The entity tried in its own way to ‘scare me off’.  I abruptly stood up and turned to the ‘victim’, pointed my right arm at the girl and with authority said a ‘word’, a name of God.  The Holy Spirit immediately took over and forced the intruding soul to leave the young woman’s energy.  I silently called the angels to remove the intruder from her home. Afterward, we visited the garden and she told me about her mother who had recently died.
Negative intelligence whether it inhabits a physical or nonphysical body enjoys wielding power.  It only is successful if we go along with its charade.  I didn’t argue with it; I acted.  All we need to do in a situation like this is to confidently recognize there is but One Power and Presence and that authority is God. 
I will never forget the look on her face when the intruder was banished.  The girl’s countenance shone. The high school student actually knew the intruder’s name.  Happily, my neighbor said, “She’s gone!” Harmful influences are more common than realized.  Emotional and negative influences can happen after a loss of a loved one or something that was very important to us because we are temporarily vulnerable.  What was the cause of her manipulation? In her loss, my neighbor began to explore a psychic board game that was known to attract earthbound entities and also tried smoking pot.  A suggested solution if you find yourself in very hurtful situation…reach higher.   Contact what I refer to as the Causal Plane, the home of your eternal Spirit.  Keep returning mentally and emotionally to its healing refuge.  In doing so, the ‘heavenly’ and loving energy of the planes of Light and Beauty will strengthen and protect you.
Love and light,
Shirlee Hall

Saturday, March 11, 2017


What you feel is true for you is important.   For the major part of my life, people have come to me for spiritual counseling and with a genuine hope for healing of self or others.  The evidence stands.  I have learned that feelings count in ways far more intricate than most imagine.
Yes, we live in what many consider non-reality but to those who are in the flesh to be physically alive are very real.  What happens to us is felt, stored and influences our lives in the present and far into the future.  For departed souls who linger in the lower subtle realms of light close to earth, personal experiences remain a reality.   It is only when we are truly enlightened that we awaken to a loftier reality and at the same time respect what transpires in the world of matter.  The sweet part is that a great compassion fills one with understanding and it is realized that everything matters whether we are in the flesh or spirit form.
Because everything that personally happens to us is felt and recorded, it is real until we decide to delete the memory or the journey ends and we no longer enter density. The reality of our experiences creates our future.  We can face and through the power of love remove, heal and recreate that which was accepted in ignorance.
When we physically die, consciousness remains the same on the ‘other side’ whether you wish to believe this or not.  I have had many souls through the years contact me after physical death asking for a closure in their lives, a healing, or to express a desire to contact a physical loved one with a message.   Many are sorry for choices made in the body; others simply wish to express an ongoing love or a desire never expressed to their loved ones.  For instance, a young father who had committed suicide was deeply sorry and asked to relay the message to his wife and friends.  Another quick example.  In my mother’s last years, I would drive her to her medical appointments.  She would frequently ask me who would drive me later in life.  I reassured her not worry.  It is very rare for me to visit a doctor’s office.  Ironically, I did decide to have a physical the year after mom died.  I drove alone.  But, I wasn’t alone in the doctor’s office!  As I waited for the doctor to step in the room, a movement caught my attention.  Mom in her body of light with bursts of purple dancing around her was lovingly sitting on a chair over in the corner.  She didn’t want me to be alone. I couldn’t help crying.  I did get myself under emotional control before the internist stepped into the room.
The point being made is that everything matters and much of it remains unfinished business.  Love is our essence, true energy, although the subconscious rules when we are not fully awakened to our spiritual identity as love vibrating in form.  Everyone and everything has feelings.  Some are simply suppressed for one reason or another. It is best to never judge the feeling nature by appearances.
The pain of the past needs to be cleared, cleaned, removed or whatever term best fits the situation.  If not, the influence continues whether we live in the flesh or in the subtle body of light. We always have a choice to drag the cleansing process on or simply love our true and spiritual identity and vibrate as that understanding. If we have not yet learned to genuinely love who we are, we are short changed. Consciousness is consciousness wherever it happens to reside.  The positive part is that patterns can be changed through a genuine compassion for self and others, which is another form of love.  An authentic connection with the higher Reality automatically brings the mundane and the marvelous together as one cohesive unit of light.  This is a true miracle.
Shirlee Hall


Saturday, March 4, 2017


The mind is powerful.  We can prove that we can actually manipulate matter.  What you need to do is to clear your subconscious.  Everyone has millions of data running the innocent and neutral subconscious.  Unless you take daily time to cleanse your own subconscious part of the mind, its neutrality will perform primarily as a reaction.  You react from past programming.  For many years, I have offered a very effective monthly Sacred Breath Workshop for this purpose.  Since we have millions of data both stored and running, it obviously takes more effort on our part to clean unwanted thought forms.
Perhaps this is the reason most people look for a savior.  Mastery of any form requires sincere and persistent effort to remove data that is delaying our actually making contact with the ‘Kingdom within’ or the power of the mind if you prefer to think of manifestation from that point of reference.  Many people are lazy and prefer to have someone else do the ‘work’ for them.  The greatest teacher-creator is within.   One day more people will realize this truth and stop looking for a medium, a guru or someone else, outside assistance who will ‘save’ them.
Those of us who are not afraid or too lazy to be responsible on every level actually gain the power to create miracles and marvels.  More people are acknowledging that the mind can manipulate matter.  One of the dramatic and helpful examples that have happened to me occurred during the cold month of February some years back.   Something was seriously wrong with my dining room ceiling fixture.  A neighbor offered to fix the problem.  He failed but offered to call another friend in.  The friend came, an explosion occurred, and the electricity stopped working in the condo including the heat.
The men were embarrassed.  The neighbor said he would contact another friend who was actually an electrician.  The men sheepishly said they were going out for lunch while waiting for the arrival of the electrician.  Here is where the science of mind steps in.  Everything has its own vibration.  If our subconscious data is in balance, we can use our mind to change matter in unusual or emergency situations.  The condo was cold and soon it would be dark and my son and I were without electricity.  I refused to wait for the return of three men.
I needed a focus.  Although the fuses were new and working fine, I chose to use them as my focus for creating a marvel. I had determination and energy to use plus a subconscious that wasn’t sending my conscious mind sabotaging thoughts of failure.  Standing before my chosen focus I commanded the electricity in the condo to turn on so we would have both warmth and light.  My command was the energy of a higher form of light.  It only took a few moments to command what was needed.  To pass time waiting, I telephoned my mother.  We had only been talking about five minutes when much to my joy the lights and furnace turned on.   Shortly afterward, the three men arrived.  I wish you could have seen their faces when they walked into the house and felt the warmth and saw that the lights.  The men were obviously frightened.  One actually kept saying,”There are ghosts in the house!”  The entire experience was worth watching their reactions!  I am sharing actual experiences to encourage you to clear your mind daily and be your own savior.
Life can be humorous,
Shirlee Hall