Friday, December 23, 2016


I remember a serious moment when one of my children had been ill for days with a high fever, sore throat, and dizziness.  He was also hallucinating.  He had already seen a doctor and was on medication but no improvement had occurred.  In fact, he was becoming steadily worse.

Alone in my room, I sat in prayer, asking for help.  Almost instantly, I was intuitively directed to charge into his darkened room.  As I stood above him, a strong voice spoke through me and commanded my son to stand up and be well.  This action was not a natural action on my part.   He immediately stood up.  As my young son reached out to me, I was amazed by the largeness and strength of his arms.  I was not seeing or feeling the slim arms of a youth but the great arms of his invisible light body.  His soul responded to the authoritative tone of the command.

Standing, he excitedly told me that the fever and pain he had been feeling for days was draining downward leaving his body and dropping through the floor.  He was completely healed as a result of his obedience to the words spoken and immediately ran to the kitchen looking for something to eat.  This so reminded me of scripture where Jesus would give a command such as take up your bed or other instructions and the ill became well.  Both my son and I were obedient.  My role was to command him to stand and be well.  His role was to be obedient and stand.

The sudden healing experience was a joyful surprise for both of us.  The proof of a spiritual and physical cure is our rising and walking.



Sunday, December 18, 2016


I am fearless and sometimes fearlessness throws common sense aside.  My youngest and I some years back would frequently go cross-country skiing.  I don’t know about you but if the sun happens to be out, I am confident about the direction I am taking.  This true event occurred on a cloudy and snow filled day.  We were novices at skiing and I unthinkably chose an unmarked area for our afternoon adventure.  It was very cold, gray and the snow was falling steadily.  No other people were anywhere.  This should have been a warning sign to me.

After a couple of hours skiing, we decided to make our way back to the small ski shack located in the parking lot.  We soon accepted the fact that we were hopelessly lost and our tracks covered by the non-stop snowfall.  Besides being numb, tired and hungry, I realized that we were dressed in clothes that blended well with the snow-covered landscape.  We were minus matches or a flashlight and at that time did not have a cell phone.  In other words, we were basically alone, no other people seen all afternoon and it was quickly turning dark.

At this point, we had a choice to either panic or ask for Celestial help.  I said a brief and urgent prayer.  In minutes, two figures appeared a great distance away from where we were. They beckoned us to follow.  With gratitude and relief, we moved toward our silent leaders.  We followed them for what seemed forever.  Although they stayed in view, they never came close to us even when I once fell.  They simply would patiently stop and then slowly move on.    By the way, no other life was seen anywhere!  When much later we finally reached an area that I recognized, the two figures disappeared without a word as quickly as they had appeared.  When my young son and I did arrive at the ski shack the parking lot was dark and empty except for my car.  No trace of people or cars anywhere.    If our helpers had been human, they wouldn’t have had time to remove skis.  Also, a car would have left tracks.

I called out to the dark sky and the cold wind and said, “Thank you, thank you whoever and whatever you are.”  The next day when an attendant was available in the small ski shack, I revisited and told her our story.  She estimated we had traveled six miles distance from the parking lot.  She also mentioned how lucky we were because wild dogs had been reported in the area attacking deer.  I did ask her if the park district at some point would have noticed our car and check as to what happened to the occupants.  ‘Eventually’, was her answer.

The loving assistance we did receive had to be another form of intelligent life. There wasn’t any other car parked in the lot at any time except mine.  We strongly believe that there are celestial beings that help those who call on them.  My youngest son and I gave thanks for the instant answer to our prayer and know with all our hearts the power and presence that is available in “Ask and ye shall receive.”
A side note:  As a result of our harrowing experience, the park district put in an order for a definitive trail with markers.

Shirlee Hall



Saturday, December 10, 2016


A friend has a small sailboat and thoroughly enjoys taking it out in the choppy waters of Lake Michigan.  One particular Sunday when I was with him, the sky suddenly turned very dark, the winds increased and his small boat was not easy to control.  Mentally, I commanded the clouds over our sailing area to calm down.  What happened was really interesting.  A huge circle of blue sky shone above our boat and as a consequence, the waves calmed down as Brian headed back toward the buoy, a secure mooring.He never commented on the circle of peaceful sky directly above us.

When we reached our destination with the help of the circle of clear sky directly above us, he anchored his small sailboat.  Nonchalantly, he suggested I 'jump' into the dinghy, a boat we row back to the dock.  I was to make myself comfortable until he completed taking down the sail and whatever else he had to do.  Well, there is nothing nonchalant in attempting to step over into a dinghy when the waves in very deep water keep moving.  I also do not have long legs and felt like I was doing a gymnastic split.

As I attempted to step into the dinghy, the distance between the sailboat and the dinghy widened.  I felt that this was it and I would drown.  In a blink of an eye, a force lifted me into the air and gently sat me on one of the boarded slats.  I was deeply grateful, of course, and also in shock.  I immediately turned around and looked at the sailboat to see if Brian had witnessed my 'flight'.  No, he was struggling with the sail that he didn't seem to have much control over.

Events like this one have happened frequently to me.  I am convinced that we have 'helpers' in the finer realms of light.  Usually, 'they' arrive prior to my thinking of calling for help. This is evidence to me that angels, guardians, etc. watch us and already know who believes and who is due to experience a love of a much higher kind.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


I had the previous day sent my first manuscript to a publisher.  The deep visionary experience I am sharing with you occurred the very next morning during a Yoga class at a friend's home.  It was a vision I recognized.  I realized that it would last approximately 45 minutes.  I excused myself from the small class and sat alone in my friend's living room expectant and filled with awe and love.  The room filled quickly with radiant light.  It seemed as if I was no longer in a material house but rather in a heavenly sphere of beauty.  The feeling of divine love energy was so intense that gentle tears came easily.

The thought came to me to ask who or what was sending this indescribable love, light, and energy to come closer so I could identify it.  Suddenly, beautiful beings of such majesty and wonder that I cannot possibly describe appeared.  There was one great being in the center that was more brilliant than the Sun.  The sublime experience occurred the day after I mailed the Circle of Light typewritten manuscript to the NY publisher culminating in an entire week of visions, speaking in tongues and inexplicable joy.

I have written seven books since 1982, the year Circle of Light was published.  I mention it now because I recently found several unopened boxes of pristine copies of this highly spiritual book.  If you would like an original free copy, visit my web site:     At the bottom of the Home Page is a red Paypal donation button.  Credit cards are accepted.  Estimate how much it would cost me for packaging and stamps and click on the donation button.  Once I receive your  name, address and donation, I will send you this amazing and true book.

In harmony and gratitude,

Saturday, November 26, 2016




My life is outrageously indescribable and filled with wonder.  Using words to express the sublime is almost an impossible task.  I am determined to try because people need to hear and read about miracles and marvels occurring right here on earth.  Since they have occurred throughout my life, there is no reason why anyone cannot experience the certainty of a higher presence and power that is total love.  I fully understand how we are all one regardless of appearance.  What happens to one can happen to another.  It is with great humility and love that I offer you sweet morsels from my life~

To make my point about the outrageous occurring in unexpected moments, the first offering will take you beyond time and space.  The only limitations we experience are the self-made ones.  Drop your concepts and programming and enjoy the ride!

Miracles & Marvels will cover every aspect of life.  If your belief system is rigid, you may question how a woman who doesn’t go to church, temple or mosque can be genuine.  Surprise!  Experiencing the Divine has absolutely nothing to do with organized belief systems.  What occurs in our lives is a direct result of what is in our hearts.   You are invited to join me in an ongoing journey where I repeatedly experience Heaven on Earth. 


Scientists and those of us who choose not to limit our imagination have been intrigued with the idea of manipulating time, moving it backward and forward with ease and control.  The idea of dematerializing and materializing people and objects has also attracted the attention of minds that accept anything is possible.  Today, there are some of us experiencing events that have only been previously described in ancient sacred writing or science fiction.

I had recently purchased a new car from a dealership approximately an hour’s drive from home.  I decided to bring it back and have an alarm system installed and rustproofed.  A loaner was given to me for three days.  On the day that I returned the loaner, a sleet storm suddenly occurred when I was only half way to the destination.  The four-lane traffic was moving actually over the speed limit.  I discovered that the windshield wiper wasn’t working.  Keeping eyes focused on the toll way traffic, my hand mistakenly touched the water spray and in a blink of an eye, the windshield was frozen. I was in the far left lane.  Cars were doing their normal speeding in front, the side, and back of me.  I couldn’t see anything and did not know my location or how soon the exit ramp would appear.

Without warning, I experienced what it would be like to be in a scene from a futuristic science story.  In shock, the car with me in it was moved to the top of an exit ramp, which led from a right lane.  Remember, I had been driving blind in the far left lane surrounded by speeding cars a second previously.  I haven’t a clue to this day how far the car and I traveled before resting at the top of the precise exit ramp where I needed to turn left and continue to the dealership.  Shaking head to foot, I slowly drove the car into the gas station, which happened to be right there.  When I felt strong enough to stand, I got out of the car and scraped the windows clean and finished the short drive to pick up my own car.  What an outstanding display of angelic love and power!!!  Can you imagine my shock and relief?  The whole episode happened in a breath.  I did nothing.  No steering or maneuvering.  I couldn’t have done anything if I tried to.  Everything was methodically taken care of for me.  Ego immediately checked if any cars were nearby.   There wasn’t.  The dematerialization and materialization happened so quickly that perhaps if someone had been in back or front of me when I was deposited at the top of the ramp, they probably would have been oblivious to the miracle.  By the way, when I turned in the loaner I suggested they replace the windshield wiper but nary a word regarding the time travel event.