Saturday, June 24, 2017


Consciousness evolves in matter.  All people must reach the point of faith and understanding in their own consciousness and how it effects what happens to us.  Looking at the mind alone and taming it is a huge challenge.  We use reasoning, feelings and a physical mind that commonly is all over the place.  The physical mind usually puts up a high wall regarding the idea of self-mastery.  It has ingrained fears and makes us feel like prisoners.

Keeping consciousness in mind, look at your body.  Whenever a person gets sick or has an external "accident", it is the result of unconsciousness, lack of attentiveness.  Our inner state and the outer circumstances are connected.  Everything is connected. Typically, people assume visions, apparitions and "supernatural" phenomena as the spiritual life.  The real miracle is to understand that our inner attitude has the power to mold outer healing wonders, life-saving experiences and create a state of harmony and naturalness that is commonly mistaken for "miracles".    What most people don't grasp is that we send out vibrations that invite good or bad circumstances of different kinds.  When we are full of fear, doubt, negativity and hate, our energy creates chaos;our personal force field is weakened.

It is best to avoid negative people.  A bad inner state can be contagious.  Why attract unnecessary pain, accidents or distress?
A simple example:  In a past experience, both of my shoulders hurt.  I could barely lift my arms.  I could think of no cause for the problem and decided to ask my higher-true Self to share with me the cause.  The source of pain was a person in my life that was constantly causing me grief.  I got it!  The result was removing that person from my life.  The removal didn't happen overnight but what changed was my understanding.  Understanding immediately removed the pain from my shoulders.  Mental action began the healing process. We need to be alert to our feelings and the close correlation between our inner state and the outer circumstances.  I couldn't change the other person but, I could change my inner reaction.

Perhaps, you have experienced being around many sick people and you remained healthy.  You obviously were not affected by the virus or whatever the force was behind it.  The only disease is unconsciousness.  If we are sensitive to the energy in the environment, we can prevent it from entering into us.  If you have something consciously unknown to you say in your subconscious resistance, you will need to develop a greater balance between your mind, body and soul.  Sometimes, it takes longer for our physical consciousness with the old vibration to catch up to our wider way of thinking. Perhaps, this truth hasn't been understood. If there is not a solid balance between our seen and unseen fields, disruptions may occur such as allergies, blood, nervous or mental disorders. Have you noticed that you may experience an allergic  or some other form of reaction after being with a particular person or involved in a certain type of situation?  The same pattern repeats itself until we become consciously aware of what is the cause.  Many years ago, I would occasionally experience a serious skin rash near my eyes.  What was I not seeing?  Once I figured out what was the cause, a very nasty person, the allergy never returned.

Our state of health is also a strong reflection of the subconscious.  We all have known very good people who also take excellent care of the health of their body and yet, they get cancer and other horrible afflictions.  What out-pictures is the direct result of what is not yet healed in some area of the subconscious part of the mind.  What we need to remember is that every level either mental-emotional-physical or spiritual is comprised of multiple vibratory planes. People who heal instantly are already inwardly balanced.  They have prepared the way.

We can avoid genetic health weaknesses if we make a conscious decision not to experience the dis-ease in the body.  This includes doing our best to deliberately sustain balance in the mind, feeling nature and physical body.  We must become conscious co-creators.

In order to create a divine life here on earth, we can not neglect any aspect of our self-package.  Some people experience grand visions of celestial heights but, the body remains ill. Although wonderful, it  is not the answer.  You can love God, be a really good person and continue to experience hell on earth. This is why we must not ignore the layers of the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual energy fields which either invite or discourage the expression of the beautiful and perfect inner and true spiritual Self. Is there an exception to what I have briefly described?   Yes, faith works wonders.  If a person has a firm faith in whoever he or she asks to send healing and has no sense of guilt, the chances of a total healing are excellent.  The advice given by Jesus was, "Go and sin nor more."  In other words, don't repeat what caused the suffering.

No one told us it would be easy.  We could not imagine perfection if we didn't already feel it exists.  To become aware of these different planes of reality is our fundamental work. When we are ready, we will consciously manifest balance between the energetic fields that make up what we refer to as simply different positions of consciousness that coexist.  As we succeed, we save our selves from unnecessary suffering.

In harmony,

Saturday, June 17, 2017


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6-17-17 Shirlee's Blog
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What is needed is for us to perceive differently.  Imagine what it would be like if the collective attitude understood that everything in this world regardless of how unpleasant contains a spark of truth beneath its mask.  Some of us actually see a light behind each form.  Everything is God advancing toward Himself.  This is Reality within our midst.  The same light is hidden behind everything!  Every imperfection is a step toward perfection.

What helps us understand the great disparities of the world is the realization that everyone vibrates at their peculiar frequency according to personal soul history.  The body and mind are capable of totally changing if the personality is clear and open to a transformation.  Transformation has to do with understanding vibration as our inner light.  We can manifest a divine or much grander version of life right here in matter.  We are not a finished product.  There is only one God-Consciousness and it assumes different intensities at different levels.  There is no end to the possible combinations or no end to our evolving into a grander human being.  The hardest part is getting over all the falsity, programming, low self-esteem and fearful conditioning we have accepted as truth.  Using both qualities and defects, we can work together healing the old ways that no longer work.  Everything is waiting for us to wake up.

The purpose of our journey is the divine fulfillment of life.  We carry a record of our journey with us.  In rare moments, our eyes are open. Evolution is far from being over. An example of our ongoing journey was shown to a group of us meditating on the roof top of a hotel in a small town in Mexico.   It happened at noon.  Our guide asked me to lead a meditation for the twelve people sitting in a circle.  When I was finished, a woman excitedly called out exclaiming, "Look at Shirlee's face"!      What they were so excited about was what had unexpectedly appeared.   The group witnessed the history of my soul journey carved in hieroglyphics and pictographs on my face and neck.  The record of the journey remained visible for approximately thirty minutes.

We are responsible for our journey and must learn to draw our darkness up into the light and transmute it.  Humanity has a choice to make.  The choice is to consent to be conscious.  We just have to be willing to open our eyes.  Evolution is far from being over.  It designed to be an adventure of wakefulness and joy.

In love, peace and joy,

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, June 10, 2017


We live in a physical world where accidents, illnesses, death are taken for granted.  What if there is another world, a true state that cancels out all the illusory vibrations?   Can there exist two worlds within one another...a world of freedom and truth that a few of us occasionally glimpse and a world of physical falsehood and enslavement that many take for granted?  Is there a different position we can take in matter?  I am convinced that the true physical world exists but most people are not aware of it.

Have you ever unexpectedly experienced a different vibratory state of matter that cancels out gravity?  I personally have witnessed throughout life that nothing is concrete or real in the sense that we consider normal.  True physical reality is made up of billions of points of light.  Most people haven't a clue as to what is a true state because a world of physical falsehood is accepted as normal.  Everything negative can be cancelled when we recognize, accept and have the confidence to actually use a vital power, a perfection, that exists in the same place simultaneously with imperfection.  Perfection removes falsehood, illnesses, loss and limitation.  Once we awaken to it and dare to use it for good, it cancels out the vibration of falsehood.  If more of us would allow our mind and emotions to take the time and understanding to perceive perfection, imperfection disappears.  The distortions, the falsehoods and the laws we assume are normal  hide the true miracles and grace of the natural state.

I've mentioned in detail the following examples before.  I will briefly remind you of them again because they are great firsthand experiences demonstrating the cancellation of gravity. 1)  I ran across a parking lot to my car in pouring rain without an umbrella or coat and not a drop of rain touched me.  The extra perk was the fact that my feet never touched the ground.  An unseen Force, the natural state, moved my body from an entrance of the building I had just left to the safety of my car in a blink of an eye.  I was dry and people witnessed the natural phenomena. 2) I was in a sailboat and attempting to step off of it into a dinghy so we could move safely out of the choppy water and approaching storm.  The true reality lifted my body and gently placed it in the dinghy.  I remained safe and dry.  3) The third anti-gravity event happened again in a storm. This time it was ice covering my window, visibility zero, heavily immersed in tollway traffic and not having a clue as to where I was in regards to the planned destination.  Suddenly, the car with me in it was lifted off the tollway and carried to a ramp with a gas station available for me to scrape the window clean. The True state carried the car to show me how a cancellation of gravity can occur when a consciousness is open and accepting to infinite possibilities.

If you are thinking that this is impossible, it will be impossible for you.  It is a gradual training of your mind to tune into a higher frequency, a brighter and another state of infinite possibilities.  Human life is similar to living in a cocoon.  What more people need to seek is the state of perfection. The sublime state is the natural state.  Yes, experiences like these appear to be supernatural.  Perhaps, it is natural and the glimpses we are graced with are simply a whole-new rhythm of being.  Science in recent times has given us wonderful events that have opened our eyes to an entirely different notion of space and time.  But...could it be that if more of us awakened to the higher rhythms a whole new energy-element manifests as another state, wave or reality for those who are ready to be pioneers?

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

Saturday, June 3, 2017


We differ from other species in our capacity to alter the world.  There is a higher energy we can use. It is very different from what we learn from metaphysics because it has to do more with physiology and cellular consciousness.  If we lose the memory of a negative thing, event or person that has harmfully impacted us, we are free of the conditions surrounding the memory.  There is another law in force that most of us are not aware of.

Personal example...This occurred when I was a young mother.  I was very nearsighted and wore contact lenses.  This particular morning I had a luncheon date with a friend who witnessed my walking in the air in a downpour minus umbrella or raincoat and not getting a drop on my body. More on that at another time.  The restaurant was approximately 25 minutes distance.   As I was driving, I realized that I had forgotten to put my contact lenses yet, I could see everything perfectly.  How could that be?  Frankly, it was a shocking experience because I have been very nearsighted since the early teens.  The perfect vision lasted through the lunch and remained until the next day when the vision was again sorely diminished.  Why or how did this happen?  Simply said, it was to show me what could be.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we have weaknesses and disorders because we have been told genetic possibilities or we usually accept what a physician or parent tells us.  Perhaps, there is another way of seeing and believing.  If eyes and retinas are no longer needed to see, perhaps we can be taught to see in a different way.  I know that I have had a very unusual vision since childhood were I can see objects and life in a room with my eyes opened or closed.  The same holds true in being able to 'see' in the dark.  Perhaps, it is a memory of other people's comments or experiences that create disorders and we simply assume it 'runs' in the family or some other reason...programming.  Our bodies literally are memory banks.

Every object and life has its own peculiar light and vibration.  I would really like to talk to someone who is considered legally blind and ask them if they 'see' anything when closing the eyes.  There definitely exist spiritual senses, organs, bodies, and more.  From personal experience, I definitely feel there is another way to exist.  The other way doesn't depend upon external senses.  What I am talking about obviously is not a vision.  If it was, I could never have driven any distance, ordered from a menu and drive home having perfect eye sight.  Why didn't the perfect sight continue at that time?  All the old habits or memories of thinking and believing obviously returned.  An idea or clue was given me regarding belief, vibrations, creating and bringing perfection into matter.

It feels to me that there exists a "false matter" habit  that has convinced us of a reality  made up of memories and negativity. There obviously is another or higher reality that is true and we have  simply and consciously forgotten.  Looking at matter in a whole new way everything becomes a living consciousness. Since I experienced this, others must also be experiencing vibrations and mysterious circumstances that are not polluted with old suggestions that create weakness and disorder. This is an indication to me that the human body is not a finished product and will continue to evolve.

Perhaps, the wide spread suffering constantly manifesting on this planet is the result of our oneness with all life.  We do feel other people's misery, the experience of identification, of oneness, embracing everything whether we think about this or not.  Vibration spreads.  Everything is contagious whether spiritual, mental, vital and cellular.  A  healing conscious choice would be to deliberately change the vibration and cancel out disorder and set things straight.  Obviously there are degrees of consciousness.  If more of us would bring the false memories and conditioning as well as the nasty ongoing experiences throughout the world deliberately back  into the light and reestablish the perfect vibration, we would live in a much kinder world.  If we would get our false thinking out of the way, the supreme power of love will organize matter.  As more of us right here in our physical forms break through the barrier that separates us from a higher reality, we will experience balance, health, peace, abundance and perfection here in matter. This is both a spiritual and materialistic position.  Understanding and inviting this 'other' way of Being will obviously cultivate a new way of life resulting in a happier and balanced human.

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

The bottom line is to be more conscious of what we really are and attune to the truth of things and not memories that harm.  Make an effort not to keep reviewing old memories that have hurt or misled you or others.  Instead, apologize, forgive and genuinely love yourself and the situation and let go. Understand that we can actually develop authority over substance.  How?  The authority is true authority. Retrain your mind and learn how to mold matter by  deliberately releasing the appropriate vibration.