Saturday, December 3, 2016


I had the previous day sent my first manuscript to a publisher.  The deep visionary experience I am sharing with you occurred the very next morning during a Yoga class at a friend's home.  It was a vision I recognized.  I realized that it would last approximately 45 minutes.  I excused myself from the small class and sat alone in my friend's living room expectant and filled with awe and love.  The room filled quickly with radiant light.  It seemed as if I was no longer in a material house but rather in a heavenly sphere of beauty.  The feeling of divine love energy was so intense that gentle tears came easily.

The thought came to me to ask who or what was sending this indescribable love, light, and energy to come closer so I could identify it.  Suddenly, beautiful beings of such majesty and wonder that I cannot possibly describe appeared.  There was one great being in the center that was more brilliant than the Sun.  The sublime experience occurred the day after I mailed the Circle of Light typewritten manuscript to the NY publisher culminating in an entire week of visions, speaking in tongues and inexplicable joy.

I have written seven books since 1982, the year Circle of Light was published.  I mention it now because I recently found several unopened boxes of pristine copies of this highly spiritual book.  If you would like an original free copy, visit my web site:     At the bottom of the Home Page is a red Paypal donation button.  Credit cards are accepted.  Estimate how much it would cost me for packaging and stamps and click on the donation button.  Once I receive your  name, address and donation, I will send you this amazing and true book.

In harmony and gratitude,

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