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I have had firsthand proof strongly impact me all my life in the areas of consciousness and the many levels of being. Scripture states  "For it is by faith that we walk and not by sight.You cannot help but admire people who believe yet continue to suffer without experiencing proof of their faith. Evidently, somewhere in my journey I began to consciously experience the mystery. There have been countless examples where I have proven what an understanding consciousness can actually achieve.  For example, a stranger living in my city unexpectedly called me one night asking that I come immediately to her home and heal her uncle who was visiting.  The elderly gentleman was expected to lead a weekend workshop in the study of human consciousness.  I did not know the man, nor his name or anything about him or how his relative found out how to contact me. 

I immediately went to the indicated location and was led to a man reclining in bed.  It wasn't until later that I discovered that he was an American physician/scientist/author/lecturer and a leading pioneer in the study of human consciousness. He was also a man shrouded in mystery.  All I knew was that I received a call to help and that is exactly what I did.  The home he was visiting for the weekend was already filled with people who had paid to attend his workshop.  All I remember being told is that the 'patient' felt as if he had been poisoned and was too weak to offer his workshop. The man staring at me in bed never said a word and neither did I. Later, I learned that the gentleman was famous and also had traveled all over the world studying 'healers' for scientific purposes.

Why do I mention this particular example of faith?  Both the giver and receiver understood that the real magic is the art of strengthening and demonstrating that thread of inner strength within.  There are many now who are ready to consciously live their inner environment of faith.  Evolution is both physical and metaphysical, not only of the body but also of the spirit.  Although science has not typically recognized enough dimensions, this is slowly changing. Souls who grasp the important concept of reincarnation understand how an individual continues to evolve through numerous and varied experiences.  Not only is there life after death, there is life prior to birth.  Accept and understand this truth and realize that we are in the body to advance the evolution of mankind.  Egyptian priests understood the concept of a continuing life and that the consciousness of an individual continued to live was true as does two-thirds of the world's population accept an ongoing existence in one form or another.  Although the Judea-Christian culture are not as open about this truth, scripture has references to Paul in the Epistles writing about the difference between the human body and the spiritual body. There are other references that have not been removed by manipulative authority figures.

Life can be magical if we consciously interiorize experience by accepting responsibility for all that occurs.  Faith increases our vibration.  Meditation, deep thought, unity and a desire for spiritual awareness raises our vibration.  Understanding comes from within.  Service, authentic love and brotherhood is a must.  Although  humanity has become very shortsighted and for the most part has lost the awareness that is rightfully ours, there are millions of us ready to step forward in faith through our desire to understand the Creator's plan, receive it and live it. Why not give up the illusion and allow yourself to be easily healed just as the example of the stranger mentioned who trusted and had faith?  All there really is is love.  Authentic love provides proof.  Also, service to others is service to one's self.  This is truth~

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

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A ongoing mystery to many is both the subject of Sacred Geometry and DNA. Geneticists have discovered that human DNA undergoes an evolutionary jump by activating the unused DNA.  We know that language and sounds are vibration.  It has been discovered that when a person is sending positive frequencies through powerful affirmations such as gratitude, that the math depicted in sacred geometry is a infinite unbreakable truth in nature.  This means that everything exists in unity, harmony, and oneness.  Most people do not fully realize this.  For instance, if we neglect the oneness, nature will dismantle what isn't working and recreate new life forms that will work with the laws of nature. What is fascinating is the energy patterns of Sacred Geometry are found in our basic DNA.

What collective humanity needs to fully grasp is the power behind the words that are spoken and heard.  Words send a frequency that changes human DNA.  This knowledge is ancient.  If more people understood the power of the word they would not disregard the power that comes with sound in either advancing or stunting our cellular evolution.  Those of us involved in healing work know how important it is to pay attention to what actually comes out of our mouth.  The choice is always ours.  Many people talk themselves into aging, disease, poverty, lack and death.  Directly tying in with this ancient truth, Russians have learned to change DNA with frequency experiments.  By now, more people have heard of the "Flower of Life".  The image, Mandela, is seen in Egyptian temples and many other ancient temples all over the world.  Understanding the mapping of the flower of life in the human structure shows the tree of life form. Research informs us that the sacred symbol may even be found in the very first impressions of energy from the "Great Void".  The Mandela has 13 spheres in which we can find the origin of everything.  All information regarding the human being to the island universes throughout the cosmos is available through the 13 circles.

If you have had unexpected sacred geometry visions, please do your research. At the same time, accept the fact that we create Mandela's from the human voice, which directly affects our DNA. Sacred geometry unifies all relevant spiritual traditions together and it can be proven holistically through cymatics, a process for making sound waves visible. ... the  Divine Spirit part of us is a jewel.  Some of us who have let go of fear and are genuine in returning to unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness as a natural state are experiencing the Sacred Geometry.  Our true form is a mandala.  At a certain point in our reawakening process, we may actually be visited by a sacred mandala or see our own.  I have intimately experienced my own Flower of Life when wide awake.  I have consciously moved inside it.  I also have friends who are suddenly blessed with the approach in full technicolor of one of the five Platonic Solids.  We don't plan visions; they just seem to spontaneously happen.  I remember a large group of us sitting in a circle at a class I was offering.  All of a sudden a large Octahedron slowly approached the center of the circle of people and hovered for several minutes.  The Octahedron represents the element of Air and is linked to the Heart Chakra.  The shape is also a mirror, a perfect reflection of itself, which is a good reminder of the reflections that we  often are to each other.  There is so much yet for us to learn about our creation experience.

The point of mentioning Sacred Geometry, fractal patterns, in the same breath as DNA is to emphasize that all forms of life as we know and experience them flow from ageless patterns.  There is a science to consciousness.  It makes sense to me that in the natural order of things that the building blocks of nature are in harmony with our DNA building blocks.  What I find fascinating is the knowledge of the mystics finally being recognized by scientists.  We are indeed co-creators...  The ideal is to consciously create with love and wisdom and consciously feel the joy of oneness~

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CIRCLE OF LIGHT - REVISITED is a stunning combination of firsthand experiences during a ten year period of non-physical communion with others regarding an inner knowledge, a movement of spiritual identity, and a memory of truth that the author held close to her heart.  The language of intuition, a luminous rhythm and a truth replete with visions of light, healing and an embrace of truth served and still serves as a gradual recognition of spiritual identity.  The sharing is a point of joy that is lovingly offered as a continuous spiritual progression with all who are ready to receive it~


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Saturday, August 12, 2017


We live in uncertain times.  Frankly, all times are uncertain until we establish a firm foundation of faith and have genuinely fallen in love with the divine.  In plain talk...we recognize our own innate divinity and the divine light in all life.  The light, the spirit of truth, is our true Self regardless of what form it takes.  Consciousness has the ability to become  consciously aware of its pure light and divine identity.  Some people mistakenly preach that these years are the end times.  Yes, this cycle is but not what many believe. There is a repetitive pattern: the rising up occurs after the long rumbles, confusion and chaos begins awakening  to a higher rhythm. The rumbles are marking the end of a consciousness that has wallowed in the darkness of spiritual ignorance far too long.  Before something fresh and imbued with the wonder of light, purity, truth and beauty can make its entrance into collective consciousness, a harsh disturbance, an  end times  manifesting as a much different form of energy must first take place. 

This is how I look at the human condition as it appears outwardly today.  The typical man does not stretch himself when life is easy.  It would be a kinder journey if this were not so true. When values are threatened and life is placed in jeopardy, a choice must be made.  Once it is realized no one else will save us  and we must be responsible for our choices, a healing energy begins to move. The steps leading to awakening often are jarring. Humanity is long over due. Complacency creates chaos.  Chaos forces change. Some of us are highly expectant in our longing for a Golden Age, a cycle where humanity respects and loves all life.  What we need in order to evolve into a period of grace and loving-kindness is the pursuit of becoming a golden race.  This has absolutely nothing to do with appearance.  Gold implies purity, a genuine purity of body, mind and soul.  We are now in the beginning stages of a new evolutionary cycle .  For those who understand and have prepared the way, it is actually an energy of hope and new beginnings...

In Harmony,
Shirlee Hall

Monday, August 7, 2017


re-coding through pure intention

August 18, Friday, 7:00 pm
Sohmar Massage School - Downers Grove, IL
details and reservation:  contact-Shirlee

7000 years ago, the Indian Vedas, and Ayurveda wrote down in Sanskrit the benefits of OM (the Hindu King mantra)  The humming of MMMMM boosted the levels of Nitric acid molecules in the blood to do DNA repair and prevent aging.

All ancient Indian Maharishis with superhuman powers had 12 strand DNA.  They had fractual minds where they saw numerical equations as geometry.  Many of us are seeing these geometries today.  All of us have only 2 strands of DNA...and 96% is junk.  The 12 strand DNA seers disappeared years ago but the energy of the memory is surfacing in some of us.  Sanskrit mantra chanting is one way we can begin the activation process.  Sanskrit is a divine language from the DNA

Our workshop includes a brief lesson, meditation and a healing hour.  Bring a mat, sleeping bag, pillow for the last hour

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It is common today to receive an endless stream of mail regarding how to start 'youthing' and not aging...articles and products to purchase urging us to use and stop the overall deterioration of the body and recapture the health and vigor we had decades ago.  Some products claim they have the "magic bullet" to remove both physical and mental decline off our current age.Is there really an anti-aging secret, a true key to "Growing younger" no matter what our age?  Yes, there are definitely powerful natural medicines used throughout human history to intervene in the aging process, restore many aspects of youth, resist disease, substantially improve quality of life...    Yes, if we thoroughly search, we will find that there are patented youth vitality formulas.  Life deteriorates quickly due to ignorant thoughts, choices and repetitive actions that undermine our physical and nonphysical reality. Science is now claiming it has cracked the the aging code.  Wonderful!  Yet, in reality there has only been one code to crack and that is the missing piece...awareness of, attentiveness and respect toward the power and presence of our true nature which is love divine.

We typically blame either family, gender, nationality, appearance, government, organized religion, the medical profession, technology,everyone else, and anything we can find to point a finger at and excuse ourselves forgetting that we choose and create our own reality.  Human cycles of suffering are nonstop regardless of scientific discoveries.  Why?  Nothing  really noteworthy changes inwardly for the majority of souls.  There is a way to finally lessen the suffering of life.   Years ago while wide awake, I was given a vision of a large puzzle.  The pieces of the puzzle were made of a dazzling light energy. I sat mesmerized watching the pieces slowly move together although the puzzle was 'hanging' in midair.  When the movement stopped, the puzzle wasn't completed.   I knew at that time that wisdom, additional intuitive experiences and healing must first be experienced before I would see the puzzle completed.  I've been shown this message of Light in other symbolic ways such as only seeing the left side of the Circle.  Another time, the right side of a Circle of Light would appear.  More recently, the two half's are coming closer together. The message always appear as light energy.  I trust and try.

Part of my trying is through the written word.  My words and the examples shared are  based on firsthand experiences in an attempt to raise the bar not only for myself but anyone else who is ready to accept the fact that we are far grander than we judge ourselves to be.  Could it be that we are not a finished product on any level?  Better yet, could it be that everything we seek is right here?  If so, we are right in the middle of the miracle and are  missing a vital piece to it!

In hope and joy,
Shirlee Hall