Saturday, July 1, 2017


Since imagination is limitless, let's imagine a new and super human.  I am not solely referring to remaining healthy, retaining a young appearance, mind or agility, this is already occurring naturally and synthetically as a result of  choice and advanced technology.  I'm imagining more along the lines of a superior collective spiritual consciousness and how it would affect the body, mind, and  all life across the globe.  Physical evolution has slowly plugged along and spiritual evolution has obviously been dragging its feet.  Humans are repeating the same mistakes that were created many thousands of years ago.  How can the insidious pattern change?  Artificial means is not the answer; they are only a temporary 'fix'.

The effects and results happen when we consciously connect with Cause.  Instead of bemoaning life, we can stopped being mesmerized by the effects and go back to our True Self, Cause, on the side of the Magician.  How do we do that?  By stopping being satisfied with life as we are used to it and a body subject to the physical laws of gravity and decay.  We can live a divine life on earth and this begins with our mind/body.  The body, the effects, will respond to our conscious will.  This leads to the necessity of raising our vibrations.  Simple example is anger.  When anger is felt the body responds.  What if we constantly focused on light, beauty, love and truth?  If this was our focus, we could easily demonstrate the visible heaven of light within and change the brain, the heart and the will.  We not only heal ourselves but reach far out with a higher communication through the means of Light to others.

We need to consciously go beyond what we consider our mind and body for self-renewal.  Behind our organs are centers of consciousness.  We can transform ourselves from being an 'animal-man' by focusing on the centers of energy behind areas of our body/mind and choose to use  the higher  and mostly forgotten vibrations, the true centers of energy.  Every part of the body symbolizes a hidden energy center.  To become a super being, we must understand and work with the consciousness and substance of every aspect of life.  We need to consciously train ourselves to have authority over substance.  Substance will obey our will.  I am not talking about something esoterically mysterious but a precise and scientific process where we finally understand and accept our True Spiritual Identity and allow its higher vibrations to be in charge.  Our inner light has the power to change, heal and do what it will with matter.  We need to understand this clearly and then do something about it.  Everything is Light.  The goal is to be completely connected to our inner Light and it, the Light of us, can then be in charge upon the light in matter.

Choosing to create a grander version of a human is like the work of a scientist.  This has nothing to do with miracles.  It has everything to do with our awakening to the inner and true Reality of Identity.  There is a consciousness-force in each atom and cell.  A change in consciousness, an acceptance of what I am trying to convey will reverse disease and suffering and it is done through a huge leap in consciousness.  Either we believe that God is the force that is our true energy and allow that power to manifest toward the aim of living a conscious and masterful life, or we continue for thousands of more years struggling, suffering and dying and believing that nothing life-changing is possible.  People want change.  This is the revolt that is needed...change against everything that we have accepted that no longer works or is true.  The change comes from within~
We can establish a new physical order.

In hope and love,
Shirlee Hall

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  1. This gives hope and encouragement, and gently guides me back to a more conscious awareness of Truth. Thank you!