Saturday, July 15, 2017


In order to cure the world's suffering, it is first necessary to cure "what is at its roots in man."  Nothing can be cured outside if it is not first cured inside.  Nothing can be controlled outside if it is not controlled inside, for inside and outside are the same thing.  Interestingly enough, we can both cure and control inside and outside through our dream state.  Sleep is a healing and helpful blessing when we achieve a conscious sleep, a point of development where we are awake all the time, although our body sleeps.  Our universe is a gradation of planes of consciousness ranging from multiple levels of mind occurring on a variety of planes of consciousness.  Sleep is simply a different position of consciousness within the gradation.  The key to being wide awake on all levels of mind is dependent on our consciousness.

If we are aware and awake in our consciousness, the awareness will produce control and cures in our sleep state.  For instance, have you ever experienced a warning in a dream and within a day or two the dream materializes in your daily life?  When we are in tune, we can be given inventions, cures for illnesses, inspirational ideas, much needed hope and travel to levels of consciousness that may elude us in the physically awakened state.  When our consciousness leaves our body during sleep, we have the ability to visit the emotional, mental and higher vibrations of supreme Light we have accepted as our reality. Notice...I said accepted.  To be successful, we must keep silent as possible when we wake up in order to feel, understand and consciously assimilate the range of consciousness and the messages received during the night.  If we persevere, remain motionless and silent upon awakening, we remember the truths imparted to us.

It is helpful to give yourself a command to remember before you fall asleep. This is a vast subject but if understood clearly and with an intuitive mind that is open to a grander form of guidance, lives can be saved, hope received and we can learn how to reverse unwanted situations 'scheduled' to appear in our lives.  When we are a conscious being in the sleep state as well as striving to achieve mastery in our physical state, we realize that there is law and order, 'miracles' and opportunities available to us while out of our physical body.  Strange as it may sound, events first occur in the subtle planes.  I have had firsthand experiences on multiple occasions that have proven to me the value of being alert to what appears in a dream.  A life can be saved, an accident averted, possibilities both negative and positive waiting in the 'wings', so to speak.  It is our choice to act or to ignore.  My point in touching on this one very important part of a vast subject is to remind you that we can change future events consciously in our dreams if we don't want them to happen.  We have that power.    If we have a premonition of something about to happen that "something" already exists on a subtle plane before taking place here.  This holds true mainly on the lower levels of consciousness.  By lower, I mean where we have not yet consciously reached a higher state of mastery.  When dreams appear to those who have risen to a higher scale of consciousness, the dreams are for the benefit of the individual, humanity and global life forms.  True freedom occurs on the higher planes beyond the normal passions and disorderly thinking and feeling nature of the lesser developed consciousness.  The loftier level of dreams given to an evolved consciousness, may not take manifested form until years later and tend to be very similar to visions. Sleep is meant to be a conscious tool helping us reach a level of continuously being awake whether on this side of the veil or the other.

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

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