Saturday, January 7, 2017


Yes.  I have experienced many bizarre happenings in the years that I have personally been involved with prayer, healing and the Holy Spirit.  Here are two excellent examples where in each case the fully healed women called me several weeks later and telling me they no longer wanted their healings.

The first woman was a young mother of a preschool child.  She had a disease called MS.  The disability was already hampering her lifestyle.  The power and presence of the Holy Spirit healed her so thoroughly that her husband who I didn’t know at the time called me on the phone telling me how they now were not only bowling again but also having sex.  I am not interested in private details but understood his enthusiasm.

I asked the young mother why she no longer wished to be healed.  Her answer shocked me.  Although the father of the child was working full time, they were receiving monthly disability payment for the wife’s disease.  The woman in good conscience knew that she could no longer receive disability if she were healed.  The bottom line was the desire to keep the monthly checks in a savings account for the college education of their daughter later in life.  I found the reason outrageous but said nothing.  Months later, she attempted to write me an apologetic note and I could barely decipher her handwriting.  The MS had returned.

Another good example was the senior woman who had suffered a stroke that left one arm limp.  I never met her.  The healing was handled remotely.  Again, she was quickly and fully healed.  About six weeks later, she called saying she no longer wanted the use of her right arm.  Shocked, I asked why.  It so happened that her husband was a wonderful help to her while she was disabled.  Soon as she was normal, his help stopped.  She decided she wanted his help more than being healed.   Although rare, these two cases clearly illustrate how strongly the mind, will, and feelings create what happens in our lives.



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