Sunday, January 22, 2017


Love often speaks as an intuitive thought.  Many times in moments of need, an angelic Voice will whisper in our ear what is needed in a given situation.  When this happens, discernment definitely helps.  We don’t want wishful thinking to rule the moment.  If words of authority unexpectedly come to mind, let them flow freely.  It is then our choice as to whether we convey the message to the one in need.

There will be times when you feel awkward by the contents of the message.  It may sound even unbelievable.  I simply trust and believe.  One striking example involved a friend and her husband.  She was emotionally sharing how her husband was gravely ill in the hospital.  They have two young boys.  Three different surgeries had already been performed before a pacemaker could function properly. 

Divine Love, an angel whispering, gave me a message of hope and encouragement for the young mother.  The words clearly stated that the children’s father would live for many years a vital and fruitful life.  The message stressed that she need not fear, but be patient and have faith for all would soon be well.  She was to trust and look past the frightening experience.  The message still rings true.  I always listen carefully and ask only for pure love to speak.  A message of hope was given.  It is a tremendous responsibility to relay such a powerful life and death statement.

An ironic twist to this story was the wife’s enthusiasm landed me a speaking opportunity at her church Adult Sunday School Class.  I happened to choose the subject of Light.  I know of twenty-one beautiful verses in the Bible that refer to the Light of God.

How was my talk received?  There was an uproar! A woman stood up pounding her Bible stating that the subject, Light, only held true for biblical days and not in today’s world.  The consciousness of the class was obviously divided. I felt sad for the wife whose faith had been strengthened and hope received through the angelic message.  She was filled with gratitude and only wanted to share her relief and happiness with others.  Someone on the staff made a recording of my talk and labeled it ‘non-Christian’. 

How did I respond?  When we are confident in our faith, the only response is equanimity, one of my favorite words. 

Psalm 119:105 your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path

Love and Light, dear friends
Shirlee Hall



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