Saturday, January 14, 2017


Time and time again, I have seen how the lack of forgiveness has prolonged a good person’s pain and suffering.  The following is a good example.  An acquaintance has a daughter with cerebral palsy.  The parent brought the daughter to our home for a consultation and healing.  She came in a wheelchair and after the session walked to their car.  Weeks later, the father brought her back for another appointment.  Her disability had returned.  I asked the young woman what had she been thinking about before her condition worsened.  She simply hung her head and would not look me in the eye.

The angels came to my rescue with a flash of light accompanied and an intuitive thought.  The young woman felt shame about her past actions.  When directly asked what was the cause of the guilt, she mentioned her difficulty in forgiving herself for having sexual relationships with her boyfriend.  In her mind, she did not deserve a healing or any spiritual help.  The young woman was her own judge, jury, and prisoner.  Feelings of love self-esteem and unworthiness will definitely work against harmony and healing.  Shame blocks the receiving of good.

It is not easy for everyone to accept God’s unconditional love.  Many people need to change their view of the Creator from a judge to a loving Indescribable Presence and Power.  Forgiveness, regardless of the circumstance, is a great healer because it works to restore harmony and inner peace.

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