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To explain to someone who is using drugs or exercising any of the debilitating habits of self-destruction available that he is making a harmful choice that actually will work against his peace, freedom, and happiness is not generally understood. Most people believe the human life is the entirety of existence; the physical life is far from it.
Fallacies need to be exorcised but the one that causes great physical harm is the urgent need to successfully remove a mischievous or evil spirit from a person who has innocently opened the door to darkness and eventual destruction.  Mistreating either the body or mind either innocently or deliberately creates a target for manipulation. People either ignore the warnings or they simply haven’t heard of this possibility.  Mind control in various forms can take place unknowingly.
Sadly enough, many people choose to descend to rock bottom and discover through unbelievable suffering their own immortality and heaven.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  We are here on earth to bring our own higher spiritual Self, power and presence into matter through our mind and physical body.  This eternal truth is not generally accepted and suffering continues. I can speak with conviction regarding this subject because of the years of firsthand experiences in the area of offering hope and healing. 
The following example is what can actually happen to any one of us through either a dangerous focus or the misuse of a substance.  A young neighbor, a student, had been influenced in a negative way by a subtle earthbound soul.  In the subtle realms, the souls vary in their light and purpose very similar to here in density. The intruder was gaining control over the young woman’s desires.  Previously, the girl had been a fine student without any major personality problems.  She became involved with drugs and areas of interest that were opposed to health principles.  As a direct result, her habits changed in a way that alarmed her father.  He was the one who called me for help.
Slowly, the young woman was changing as a direct result of the intruding earthbound soul and its negative energy. Prior to visiting their home, I was not given any information as to why the father asked me to speak to his daughter. In fact, I had not met either one of them previous to his request.  The daughter and I were left alone.  We casually talked in the comfort of their living room.   I mainly listened and then quite unexpectedly I knew why I was there.  All of a sudden an unexpected rush of negative and very uncomfortable heat assaulted my body.  I intuitively felt in that moment of fiery intensity that the negative entity influencing the girl knew that I could banish it.  The entity tried in its own way to ‘scare me off’.  I abruptly stood up and turned to the ‘victim’, pointed my right arm at the girl and with authority said a ‘word’, a name of God.  The Holy Spirit immediately took over and forced the intruding soul to leave the young woman’s energy.  I silently called the angels to remove the intruder from her home. Afterward, we visited the garden and she told me about her mother who had recently died.
Negative intelligence whether it inhabits a physical or nonphysical body enjoys wielding power.  It only is successful if we go along with its charade.  I didn’t argue with it; I acted.  All we need to do in a situation like this is to confidently recognize there is but One Power and Presence and that authority is God. 
I will never forget the look on her face when the intruder was banished.  The girl’s countenance shone. The high school student actually knew the intruder’s name.  Happily, my neighbor said, “She’s gone!” Harmful influences are more common than realized.  Emotional and negative influences can happen after a loss of a loved one or something that was very important to us because we are temporarily vulnerable.  What was the cause of her manipulation? In her loss, my neighbor began to explore a psychic board game that was known to attract earthbound entities and also tried smoking pot.  A suggested solution if you find yourself in very hurtful situation…reach higher.   Contact what I refer to as the Causal Plane, the home of your eternal Spirit.  Keep returning mentally and emotionally to its healing refuge.  In doing so, the ‘heavenly’ and loving energy of the planes of Light and Beauty will strengthen and protect you.
Love and light,
Shirlee Hall

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