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A few years back, I attended a memorial for a friend’s husband.  I had never met him.  I deliberately arrived early so there would be an opportunity to visit with the widow and her immediate family before the other guests arrived.  A group of us were standing and chatting away in a circle.  Suddenly, an attractive woman joined me on the left.  The widow and other family members ignored her.  The stranger looked very much like the widow and I assumed she was a sister.  The woman appeared frustrated, actually agitated.  She left the room as suddenly as she had arrived.  Her stay was brief but long enough for me to closely examine her appearance and behavior.

Later, when the widow walked me to my car, I inquired regarding the woman and her strong family resemblance.  My friend stared at me and was obviously startled and said that no other woman was standing by me in the family circle.  The more I described the appearance of the familiar woman and her mannerisms, the more shocked my widow friend became.  It turned out that I was describing her sister who had died five years previously.

The widow asked if we could meet the following week and whether I would look at a photograph of her sister to verify identification.  Yes, it turned out that the stranger on my left who had joined the family circle in great agitation was her deceased sister.  What was astounding to me was the fact that the physically deceased sister definitely did not look the least bit ethereal.  She looked and acted like a healthy human.  I decided to mimic the sister’s mannerisms in front of the widow.  In shock, my friend said I was imitating her sister exactly as she remembered her.   Think about what actually happened for a moment.   A fascinating form of proof was provided at the memorial service.  I know that it is fairly common for the departed to appear to an energy sensitive human at a service. The deceased sister didn’t look vague or even light filled; she looked like us… solid.  The sister demonstrated by standing next to me that a soul is powerfully alive although it has transcended the physical plane and currently resides in a nonphysical realm.

To my way of thinking, there is something even more important to remember.  Matter can be mastered or created fresh wherever we are.  This indicates that if we truly believe in our higher spiritual identity whether we are physically alive or ‘dead’ anything goes.  There are no limitations only those we create and hold in the mind.  The deceased sister was very much alive and her intention was to display herself to a human, in this case, me, by getting my attention and proving life is a continuum.  Remember, free will is a part of the human creation process.
Other vibratory realms exist simultaneously with the earth plane.  This is nothing new.  Most religions speak of them.  If you don’t actually see the other realms, it doesn’t mean they do not exist.  We experience what we are open and ready to see.  As there are many levels of consciousness here in the physical-emotional-mental plane, this reality holds true in the multiple subtle vibratory levels extending from earth.  The subtle levels are accessible to those who have an active sixth sense as well as the beginning and accelerated stages of an awakened consciousness in the spiritual senses.   What aroused my interest was the deceased sister’s ability to temporarily create a body that appeared as a normal flesh body.  Also, why did she look ‘normal’ to me, meaning appeared as a living human, and no one else saw her?

We usually relegate marvels to angelic beings and their diverse and wonderful choices in loving service to humanity.  My question to you is…if a former human can easily and temporarily create a body appearing as flesh for his or her personal reasons, why can’t more humans take on the challenge of correcting and healing their own physical bodies and take further steps to use the mind to master matter?  Whatever vibration we are temporarily residing in we obviously continue to have access to mind, will, choice and various levels of consciousness.  Something to think about…perhaps, humanity as we typically experience ourselves is an unfinished product.

Shirlee Hall
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