Saturday, March 4, 2017


The mind is powerful.  We can prove that we can actually manipulate matter.  What you need to do is to clear your subconscious.  Everyone has millions of data running the innocent and neutral subconscious.  Unless you take daily time to cleanse your own subconscious part of the mind, its neutrality will perform primarily as a reaction.  You react from past programming.  For many years, I have offered a very effective monthly Sacred Breath Workshop for this purpose.  Since we have millions of data both stored and running, it obviously takes more effort on our part to clean unwanted thought forms.
Perhaps this is the reason most people look for a savior.  Mastery of any form requires sincere and persistent effort to remove data that is delaying our actually making contact with the ‘Kingdom within’ or the power of the mind if you prefer to think of manifestation from that point of reference.  Many people are lazy and prefer to have someone else do the ‘work’ for them.  The greatest teacher-creator is within.   One day more people will realize this truth and stop looking for a medium, a guru or someone else, outside assistance who will ‘save’ them.
Those of us who are not afraid or too lazy to be responsible on every level actually gain the power to create miracles and marvels.  More people are acknowledging that the mind can manipulate matter.  One of the dramatic and helpful examples that have happened to me occurred during the cold month of February some years back.   Something was seriously wrong with my dining room ceiling fixture.  A neighbor offered to fix the problem.  He failed but offered to call another friend in.  The friend came, an explosion occurred, and the electricity stopped working in the condo including the heat.
The men were embarrassed.  The neighbor said he would contact another friend who was actually an electrician.  The men sheepishly said they were going out for lunch while waiting for the arrival of the electrician.  Here is where the science of mind steps in.  Everything has its own vibration.  If our subconscious data is in balance, we can use our mind to change matter in unusual or emergency situations.  The condo was cold and soon it would be dark and my son and I were without electricity.  I refused to wait for the return of three men.
I needed a focus.  Although the fuses were new and working fine, I chose to use them as my focus for creating a marvel. I had determination and energy to use plus a subconscious that wasn’t sending my conscious mind sabotaging thoughts of failure.  Standing before my chosen focus I commanded the electricity in the condo to turn on so we would have both warmth and light.  My command was the energy of a higher form of light.  It only took a few moments to command what was needed.  To pass time waiting, I telephoned my mother.  We had only been talking about five minutes when much to my joy the lights and furnace turned on.   Shortly afterward, the three men arrived.  I wish you could have seen their faces when they walked into the house and felt the warmth and saw that the lights.  The men were obviously frightened.  One actually kept saying,”There are ghosts in the house!”  The entire experience was worth watching their reactions!  I am sharing actual experiences to encourage you to clear your mind daily and be your own savior.
Life can be humorous,
Shirlee Hall

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  1. Such joy to read this...I am so profoundly blessed to know you, Beloved Shin!