Saturday, April 8, 2017


Do you ever have a sense, a feeling that you may be multidimensional?  There are some scientists and thinkers who feel that technology is causing humanity to 'evolve' into a new species.  Some futurologists predict that we will evolve into super humans called Homo Optimus and be 'digitally' immortal by 2050.  In other words, if you're under the age of 40, there is a good chance you will achieve 'electronic immortality' during your lifetime.  Scientifically, being part robot may be advancement but spiritually it is a far cry from genuine enlightenment.

From my view, there is a grander possibility.  If more of us would seriously seek to transform ourselves, we would be forerunners of a new super race.  Something different needs to happen because humanity keeps recycling its old ways that no longer work as a movement toward
a collective enlightenment, harmony, and peace.

What could we do to create a massive lifting of world consciousness that would thrust us eventually into a super being?  It is becoming obvious to me that to create a new race more of us would need to seek a "life divine" and become fully and permanently awakened in a way that is sorely lacking right now.  This won't happen easily unless we progress and remove all aspects of division and ignorance on every level and replace separation and chaos with a genuine unity consciousness.  It is a consciousness that I firmly feel will one day manifest.

As a direct result of a lifetime that embraces oneness strengthened through love, I know that if we choose to be our authentic Self, we can transform and even spiritualize anything if we put our heart and mind toward a new truth consciousness based on a super-humanity.

At an early age, I began to sense that I had multi-dimensional capabilities. I felt life is a continuum and we never die.  I would remember ancient times and tune into future possibilities.  I could clearly see with my physical eyes opened or closed.  In other words, eyes and retinas were not in those moments needed to see.  I was aware that more activity was occurring in our environment than most people consciously realized.

Besides the physical senses, we have spiritual senses.  When my spiritual senses became active, everything changed.  I actually don't know what it is like to be in a dark place.  Perhaps, you see this way as well.  Light energy is seen everywhere including the blueprint light form(s) behind every animate and inanimate object.  This unusual sight obviously observes by an internal light.  Standing in front of a mirror with physical eyes closed, I can see every button on my blouse and whatever else there is to see both nonphysical or in the third dimension.  This is not having a "vision".  Visions are a different form of phenomena. Visions come and go.  The endless points of light could be described as pure essence. Pure essence is similar to primordial substance for lack of a better word.
Many people have similar ‘gifts’.  For instance, when you turn the lights off in a room at night do you see a room filled with billions of brilliant dots?  Those dots are undoubtedly conscious of themselves.  If this is the case, then everything becomes a living consciousness. Perhaps, this form of sight is not a gift but a natural part of our evolution as forerunners to a new super race. Glimpses into a vaster reality whether it be physical or subtle is stunning.  I feel the brief glimpses occur to give hope and a grander realization of a birth that humanity is slowly moving toward.  None of this has anything to do with the mental element.
Divinity, Radiant Intelligent Light, hold creation together and give life to every physical and material form within or without. Before there was matter and physical forms as we commonly think of this reality, God’s creation was subtle vibrating light with varying degrees of intensity. The multi-dimensions continue to exist.  Light does not die.  Matter, the covering, simply changes form. Matter only appears to have a beginning and an end.  I am assuming that future humans will evolve and see in a whole new way. Perhaps, we understood this long ago and have simply forgotten~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall
(Excerpt from one of the new books I am writing)

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