Saturday, April 29, 2017


Perhaps, if we had control of our thoughts most of the time, we would only store thoughts and feelings that are in alignment with what we wish to manifest in our life.  Perhaps, miracles regardless of the type are simply a manifestation of a belief system.  Instant healing is not the only miracle.  Anything that is unexplained could be categorized as a miracle.  What appears in our everyday lives is the result of the vibratory power of the subconscious mind.  What we normally think day by day is the basis for continually creating our reality.  If the outcome is limited, we need to look closely at our thoughts and belief system.  We have been taught since childhood to believe a certain way and that way is accepted as truth.

Perhaps, normal events are miracles.  We are all taught basically the same things about what normal is without the understanding that we are the creators.  What is believed will eventually manifest. Why not deliberately train the mind to change the old consciousness of pain, lack, limitation, and suffering?  By changing the mind, we can transform anything if given enough patience, thought, discipline and imagination.

I feel some of us are ready to deliberately bring in a new consciousness where we can actually transform matter.  I am not only referring to emergency situations but to anything that needs an extra boost, so to speak.  Why not embrace the challenge of not living an automatic life and start changing habits.  First, we have to change the mind.

What if all the negative things that happen are a falsity?  What if there is a higher law?  Why not explore and learn how to be an intelligent being who has power?  Humans are unique compared to the other animals because we can by changing our mind alter ourselves. 

We change our energy to the higher and pure levels when we accept the fact that we can actually evolve on all levels whether they be in consciousness or matter.  There is a creative force running through the universe.  Use it with love, integrity, and compassion to change not only what needs to be changed in life as a whole and stable organism but to help lift the energy of the world.

Humanity needs a cure.  There is one.  Wake up!  Ask to be in contact with your full potential.  Love, trust and with confidence use your potential for good. When we step up within the evolutionary ladder, we recognize our consciousness determines everything.  It is a force that only has limits if we decide to limit it working through and as us.

To be a conscious chemist or an alchemist in the mind, we need to treat our goal as a chemistry experiment so it can be repeated by others as well. When we are successful, the vibration will spread.  Ask where did these thoughts come from? For me to think or speak about humanity evolving physically as well as in consciousness, someone, somewhere in space-time has accomplished how I visualize evolution. We need a new or heightened vibration on earth to cancel the disorder and set the 'crooked places' straight.

Many people desire a change but do not know where to begin.  It always begins within.  We need to put our own things in order.  We know that there are endless degrees in the field of vibration.  The goal is to lift ours.  The highest vibration is the pure light and love of God.  I feel we can actually experience freedom in a physical body.  There is another step beyond meditation.  We don't need to go into the bliss state to experience oneness and our true identity as individualized spirit temporarily in form.  Go into meditation, yes, but bring down the pure light into the mind and body.  Create a higher vibratory human.

A few years ago, I was sitting in meditation and asked if there is a simple technique I could share with other people who have a similar desire to serve the life on this planet and the planet Herself.  The luminous spirit body of a deceased Bulgarian teacher and mystic appeared before me carrying a bucket of dazzling white light and a large paint brush.  Without saying a word, I watched him paint spiritual light over trees, flowers, animals, houses, cars and people.  The message was a very simple one and an easy practice for any of us to do on a regular basis.

Simple things as spreading light, checking on our thoughts and feelings and purpose throughout the day...a reality check will make a huge difference.  Make an effort to be conscious all the time of our goal and genuinely in tune to the truth of things.  As we succeed, the right kind of authority is increased.  Connecting to our super consciousness is what I am referring to.  The more that we consciously practice a reality check, the greater will be our success in molding not only the personal form and life as perfection with the appropriate vibrations but be of genuine service to all life.  Perhaps, what we usually refer to as miracles are actually the positive outcomes of elevated understanding.  Add to that understanding a more scientific way of looking at how energy can be directly used, will surprise us with unthought and amazingly wonderful results.

Jesus said in John 14:12-14 and four other scriptures how we could do what he did and even greater things.  He also said he would 'send' to his disciples the Holy Spirit.  He was referring to the sublime creative energy.  What people judge as miracles don't appear to be as common today.  Perhaps, it is because many people lack the combination of love and a scientific understanding that came naturally to Jesus and other highly awakened beings.  They were obviously attempting to explain through example as simply as possible what to them was intimately known as a higher Reality.  

Shirlee Hall
Baba on a Tee shirt...wear him near your heart.

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