Saturday, April 1, 2017


Speaking from a firsthand experience over thirty-five years ago, I am sharing what spiritual surrender did for me.  If you have read any of my books, you already know this story.  It is worth reviewing.  I had had minor lower abdominal surgery.  Back then, the surgeon left me with six visible inches of stitches.  After a few days at home, I noticed discomfort, swelling, and redness. I continued to take care of family, household, shopping, cleaning and the rest.  Once the red streaks appeared across the swollen area and a high fever slowed me down, I realized that my next ride should be to the emergency room.  That is what a normal reaction would be.  I mustn’t be normal.  I dislike hospitals and no one was home to take care of the baby, family, cat or house.  It was 11:00 AM.  I decided to go back to bed and totally surrender my life to God. This means I fully opened my mind, heart, and physical life to my original Self. I did not attend church nor did I consider myself a 'religious' person. The trust, faith and action came from deep within me. Somewhere back in time, I obviously had prepared my consciousness for surrender.

I lay my hands on the area and simply asked that the Holy Spirit take over.  An instant connection occurred.  I didn’t fall asleep; I fell unconscious.  When I opened my eyes one hour later, my stomach was flat, the red streaks, pain, and fever had left my body and the infection was draining from both ends of the six-inch long stitches.  Sounds gross but it worked!  Divinity took care of everything. 
After offering heartfelt gratitude and love for the miracle, I first checked on the baby and then cleaned the surgical area with rubbing alcohol.  At that time, I chose not to tell any of my family members the story I am relating to you.  Why?  I noticed that I felt like a different person.  A power and presence filled me.  As the days proceeded, gifts of the Spirit became very evident.  The gifts expanded and I felt the dramatic healing was the beginning of a ‘born again’ experience.  I definitely felt like a new person.
During the months ahead and until this day, Divinity or the Beloved as I affectionately refer to my Spiritual Identity, was my best friend.  Divinity intuitively gave me an affirmation of faith to remember and use as a guideline in the years ahead.  The plan suggested that I am to become humanly what I am spiritually.  The poem was a reminder that the mind and body’s purpose is to be a temple for the eternal soul.  If I remembered, I would eventually become a conscious priest and reference was made to the heart, an alter.  My life’s purpose would be one of love and service.  The poem emphasized that I was the one responsible for transforming the subconscious, conscious and body into its True Identity here in physical life. The love affair could be done through faith, willing thoughts, and desires.  Although the affirmation contained approximately thirteen statements, it basically offered a plan of victory to all souls that desire to be conscious creators, lessen suffering and live without limitations.  Sharing this miracle story with you, I now realize that I have forgotten its message many times.  This is why it behooves us to continually love, forgive, apologize and offer gratitude to not only our own true spiritual Identity but also others and life itself.
Love Always,
Shin aka Shirlee Hall

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