Wednesday, May 24, 2017


When my life-changing event occurred, I was not living my lineage, a lineage of healers.  Although I was psychic and had visions since a young child, a personal dream had not yet been fully awakened within.  I had then, like most people, believed that the Holy Spirit, the creative power and comforter, was outside my individual energy. 

At the time of this life-changing hour, I did not understand the immensity of the inner landscape, the soul and light within.  The 'real' part of who I was continued to play hide and seek veiled by human flesh and the ongoing conditioning accumulated from birth and beyond.  All I knew is that I seemingly had everything.  Little did I know that there was much more to consciously remember, prepare for and experience before I could feel fully alive.

When we are ready, the universe will provide an opening.  When the opening appears, it is our choice whether we walk through the door embracing the opportunity and consequently reaching a greater light of understanding or doing nothing.  When we make the choice to dare to be, a subsequent expansion of consciousness smiles at us and we genuinely understand the purpose and plan of our soul.

A very serious life threatening choice appeared after a simple surgery.  After I was home for a few days, I noticed my abdomen was swollen, red streaks appeared, pain worsened and a fever developed.  Any sane person would have called 911.  I was home alone with the baby.  It was 10 AM and I made a decision to not call for help but to surrender completely to a higher power.  I fed the baby and went back to bed laying my hands on the serious infection.  I immediately fell unconscious for one hour.  I knew the length of time because of the bottle feeding.

When I awakened, a substance was felt beneath my hands, the reds streaks, swelling and pain had vanished.  The infection was draining from two holes at each end of the six inch incision.  Some other 'Force' had performed a celestial surgery on my body.  Walking consciously through the door of faith was the first step in a journey that has been nonstop until this day.

A decision of faith thrust me into a new life changing not only my consciousness but my personality.  I was a very different individual after that one hour of healing.  The healing obviously occurred on many levels.  Everyone has a story to tell.  The individual story cannot be separated from the collective story.  The story of all souls involves an eventual spiritual liberation where we eventually go beyond the "closed structure" of the physical-emotional world.

Surrender is a conscious connection, an attitude taken when we make a decision not to cling to habits, conditioning, false teachings, fear or any object, person, geographical area, whatever that may be hindering our true spiritual identity as spirit temporarily living in matter.    As a result of a one-hour transformation, I felt newly alive, fearless and full of hope with an opportunity to actively assist in the evolution of a greater aliveness for all humanity.

We are the ones who must increase our understanding, faith and balance and take action regardless of what appears in our lives.  Guidance has always said, "Be strong and keep your focus!"  Even though I had reach that one goal, it was not the end of my journey.  The idea is to move forward and attain higher levels of consciousness. In other words, be willing to stretch and to make a concentrated effort to be our true nature.

A passion grows within to tangibly bring a deeper realization and perfection into the body, mind and activities.  The magic and miracles happen when we feel and believe it as our truth. Everything is intertwined.  We can regenerate ourselves and joyfully transform the physical into the holy and infuse the holy into the mundane.  Be true to your higher nature.  The truer you are, the happier you will be.
Our evolution is the greatest love story ever written.  Why not write it in a grander way?

Blessings of Light,
Shirlee Hall

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