Saturday, June 3, 2017


We differ from other species in our capacity to alter the world.  There is a higher energy we can use. It is very different from what we learn from metaphysics because it has to do more with physiology and cellular consciousness.  If we lose the memory of a negative thing, event or person that has harmfully impacted us, we are free of the conditions surrounding the memory.  There is another law in force that most of us are not aware of.

Personal example...This occurred when I was a young mother.  I was very nearsighted and wore contact lenses.  This particular morning I had a luncheon date with a friend who witnessed my walking in the air in a downpour minus umbrella or raincoat and not getting a drop on my body. More on that at another time.  The restaurant was approximately 25 minutes distance.   As I was driving, I realized that I had forgotten to put my contact lenses yet, I could see everything perfectly.  How could that be?  Frankly, it was a shocking experience because I have been very nearsighted since the early teens.  The perfect vision lasted through the lunch and remained until the next day when the vision was again sorely diminished.  Why or how did this happen?  Simply said, it was to show me what could be.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we have weaknesses and disorders because we have been told genetic possibilities or we usually accept what a physician or parent tells us.  Perhaps, there is another way of seeing and believing.  If eyes and retinas are no longer needed to see, perhaps we can be taught to see in a different way.  I know that I have had a very unusual vision since childhood were I can see objects and life in a room with my eyes opened or closed.  The same holds true in being able to 'see' in the dark.  Perhaps, it is a memory of other people's comments or experiences that create disorders and we simply assume it 'runs' in the family or some other reason...programming.  Our bodies literally are memory banks.

Every object and life has its own peculiar light and vibration.  I would really like to talk to someone who is considered legally blind and ask them if they 'see' anything when closing the eyes.  There definitely exist spiritual senses, organs, bodies, and more.  From personal experience, I definitely feel there is another way to exist.  The other way doesn't depend upon external senses.  What I am talking about obviously is not a vision.  If it was, I could never have driven any distance, ordered from a menu and drive home having perfect eye sight.  Why didn't the perfect sight continue at that time?  All the old habits or memories of thinking and believing obviously returned.  An idea or clue was given me regarding belief, vibrations, creating and bringing perfection into matter.

It feels to me that there exists a "false matter" habit  that has convinced us of a reality  made up of memories and negativity. There obviously is another or higher reality that is true and we have  simply and consciously forgotten.  Looking at matter in a whole new way everything becomes a living consciousness. Since I experienced this, others must also be experiencing vibrations and mysterious circumstances that are not polluted with old suggestions that create weakness and disorder. This is an indication to me that the human body is not a finished product and will continue to evolve.

Perhaps, the wide spread suffering constantly manifesting on this planet is the result of our oneness with all life.  We do feel other people's misery, the experience of identification, of oneness, embracing everything whether we think about this or not.  Vibration spreads.  Everything is contagious whether spiritual, mental, vital and cellular.  A  healing conscious choice would be to deliberately change the vibration and cancel out disorder and set things straight.  Obviously there are degrees of consciousness.  If more of us would bring the false memories and conditioning as well as the nasty ongoing experiences throughout the world deliberately back  into the light and reestablish the perfect vibration, we would live in a much kinder world.  If we would get our false thinking out of the way, the supreme power of love will organize matter.  As more of us right here in our physical forms break through the barrier that separates us from a higher reality, we will experience balance, health, peace, abundance and perfection here in matter. This is both a spiritual and materialistic position.  Understanding and inviting this 'other' way of Being will obviously cultivate a new way of life resulting in a happier and balanced human.

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

The bottom line is to be more conscious of what we really are and attune to the truth of things and not memories that harm.  Make an effort not to keep reviewing old memories that have hurt or misled you or others.  Instead, apologize, forgive and genuinely love yourself and the situation and let go. Understand that we can actually develop authority over substance.  How?  The authority is true authority. Retrain your mind and learn how to mold matter by  deliberately releasing the appropriate vibration. 

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  1. I am so grateful for this profoundly encouraging lesson. Thank you!