Saturday, June 24, 2017


Consciousness evolves in matter.  All people must reach the point of faith and understanding in their own consciousness and how it effects what happens to us.  Looking at the mind alone and taming it is a huge challenge.  We use reasoning, feelings and a physical mind that commonly is all over the place.  The physical mind usually puts up a high wall regarding the idea of self-mastery.  It has ingrained fears and makes us feel like prisoners.

Keeping consciousness in mind, look at your body.  Whenever a person gets sick or has an external "accident", it is the result of unconsciousness, lack of attentiveness.  Our inner state and the outer circumstances are connected.  Everything is connected. Typically, people assume visions, apparitions and "supernatural" phenomena as the spiritual life.  The real miracle is to understand that our inner attitude has the power to mold outer healing wonders, life-saving experiences and create a state of harmony and naturalness that is commonly mistaken for "miracles".    What most people don't grasp is that we send out vibrations that invite good or bad circumstances of different kinds.  When we are full of fear, doubt, negativity and hate, our energy creates chaos;our personal force field is weakened.

It is best to avoid negative people.  A bad inner state can be contagious.  Why attract unnecessary pain, accidents or distress?
A simple example:  In a past experience, both of my shoulders hurt.  I could barely lift my arms.  I could think of no cause for the problem and decided to ask my higher-true Self to share with me the cause.  The source of pain was a person in my life that was constantly causing me grief.  I got it!  The result was removing that person from my life.  The removal didn't happen overnight but what changed was my understanding.  Understanding immediately removed the pain from my shoulders.  Mental action began the healing process. We need to be alert to our feelings and the close correlation between our inner state and the outer circumstances.  I couldn't change the other person but, I could change my inner reaction.

Perhaps, you have experienced being around many sick people and you remained healthy.  You obviously were not affected by the virus or whatever the force was behind it.  The only disease is unconsciousness.  If we are sensitive to the energy in the environment, we can prevent it from entering into us.  If you have something consciously unknown to you say in your subconscious resistance, you will need to develop a greater balance between your mind, body and soul.  Sometimes, it takes longer for our physical consciousness with the old vibration to catch up to our wider way of thinking. Perhaps, this truth hasn't been understood. If there is not a solid balance between our seen and unseen fields, disruptions may occur such as allergies, blood, nervous or mental disorders. Have you noticed that you may experience an allergic  or some other form of reaction after being with a particular person or involved in a certain type of situation?  The same pattern repeats itself until we become consciously aware of what is the cause.  Many years ago, I would occasionally experience a serious skin rash near my eyes.  What was I not seeing?  Once I figured out what was the cause, a very nasty person, the allergy never returned.

Our state of health is also a strong reflection of the subconscious.  We all have known very good people who also take excellent care of the health of their body and yet, they get cancer and other horrible afflictions.  What out-pictures is the direct result of what is not yet healed in some area of the subconscious part of the mind.  What we need to remember is that every level either mental-emotional-physical or spiritual is comprised of multiple vibratory planes. People who heal instantly are already inwardly balanced.  They have prepared the way.

We can avoid genetic health weaknesses if we make a conscious decision not to experience the dis-ease in the body.  This includes doing our best to deliberately sustain balance in the mind, feeling nature and physical body.  We must become conscious co-creators.

In order to create a divine life here on earth, we can not neglect any aspect of our self-package.  Some people experience grand visions of celestial heights but, the body remains ill. Although wonderful, it  is not the answer.  You can love God, be a really good person and continue to experience hell on earth. This is why we must not ignore the layers of the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual energy fields which either invite or discourage the expression of the beautiful and perfect inner and true spiritual Self. Is there an exception to what I have briefly described?   Yes, faith works wonders.  If a person has a firm faith in whoever he or she asks to send healing and has no sense of guilt, the chances of a total healing are excellent.  The advice given by Jesus was, "Go and sin nor more."  In other words, don't repeat what caused the suffering.

No one told us it would be easy.  We could not imagine perfection if we didn't already feel it exists.  To become aware of these different planes of reality is our fundamental work. When we are ready, we will consciously manifest balance between the energetic fields that make up what we refer to as simply different positions of consciousness that coexist.  As we succeed, we save our selves from unnecessary suffering.

In harmony,

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