Saturday, September 9, 2017


A good example of the simple conclusions that I understand regarding the subject of healing involve a readiness, deep faith, a sense of self-worth and unconditional love.    A good example:  A friend, his wife and son made an hours’ drive to our home one Sunday afternoon.  We had planned to visit a local outdoor art show.  When my family walked out to his car, the husband was slumped backward in the rear seat of the car.  His wife had driven.  I opened his door and asked him about his discomfort.  He painfully explained that he had a spine condition that periodically would cause him such pain that he couldn't sit or stand.  The only reason that his wife agreed to drive him the distance was his belief that if I touched him he would be healed.  Our friend is not a Christian, nor am I a member of any organized church.  We simply have a strong faith, love and trust in our hearts.

I asked Sandy if he could possibly sit up a bit with his back toward me and I would remain standing right outside the door but yet close enough to lay my hands on him.  Perhaps, five minutes elapsed and our dear friend turned around and demanded whether I had hypnotized him.  I asked him why in the world he would think that I had hypnotized him.  He was magically healed.  Sandy assumed that I had to have done something unusual besides the working of his deep faith in being healed and my role as a healing catalyst.  Healers are catalysts.  We are givers of hope, healing and infinite possibilities.  Whether the receivers are fully open to embrace the energy is totally related to individual readiness to accept wholeness.  Our friend obviously was ready, had an unwavering faith and desired to honor himself so he could live a quality life free of fear of a reoccurring and disabling attack.  Instant healing appears to be the exception rather than the rule because too many humans are riddled with subconscious distortions as well as conscious erroneous beliefs.  We are unconditionally loved by Source.  The ‘catch’ is not everyone loves or honors themselves.  Once we genuinely accept love/light/service are the prime ingredients for our peace and happiness, we give ourselves an opportunity to be transformed and live as true children of God.

Truth is right in front of us.  Actually, it is quite simple.  Degrees are not required, nor lectures, gurus or workshops.  They may support our journey but are not the inner science that can be proven over and over again.  The science I am referring to is the science of understanding...unconditional love for self, others, all life, earth and our Creator~

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