Friday, September 22, 2017


I usually have a smile on my face, a calm and positive composure and an ongoing love affair with the Divine.  Many of us genuinely feel this way.  Looking at us no one would know how concerned we are for the life of the planet and the planet itself.  We live as if everything is okay; it is not.  I realize that I have chosen denial to hide my sorrow for what is to come.  Large numbers of us have experienced intuitive visions and dreams of changes that will occur on earth altering, destroying and changing what is known to the unknown.  It is common  for humans to feel that they are invincible and that disruptions that forever change what is considered normal will not happen during our life time or if they actually do, they won't happen to us.

The ancient teachings speak of cosmic cycles.  We who live currently on earth are living in the last 25,000 period of a 75,000 year cycle.  If we would choose to live as love, light and dedicate our energy toward service, we can eliminate much of the suffering that is showing its face on our precious earth.  Some of us have been given visions of what will happen.  I have in the past chosen to be silent except for rare occasions.  I do believe that there are those of us who can alleviate much of what is predicted if we step out of denial.  This is what I am doing right now by sharing feelings with you.  We who have gifts of the spirit must use the gifts for the protection and the good of others.  I have often written about how I feel humanity is ready for a higher evolutionary step.  We can actually achieve the next step by remembering our true identity as spirit in form, be firm in our understanding and bring in more light and love into every day relationships and situations whether they be global or personal.
Love, Light and Service,

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  1. I AM. I will not deny my gifts to please this world...I am Spiritual and on this journey with you.