Sunday, December 18, 2016


I am fearless and sometimes fearlessness throws common sense aside.  My youngest and I some years back would frequently go cross-country skiing.  I don’t know about you but if the sun happens to be out, I am confident about the direction I am taking.  This true event occurred on a cloudy and snow filled day.  We were novices at skiing and I unthinkably chose an unmarked area for our afternoon adventure.  It was very cold, gray and the snow was falling steadily.  No other people were anywhere.  This should have been a warning sign to me.

After a couple of hours skiing, we decided to make our way back to the small ski shack located in the parking lot.  We soon accepted the fact that we were hopelessly lost and our tracks covered by the non-stop snowfall.  Besides being numb, tired and hungry, I realized that we were dressed in clothes that blended well with the snow-covered landscape.  We were minus matches or a flashlight and at that time did not have a cell phone.  In other words, we were basically alone, no other people seen all afternoon and it was quickly turning dark.

At this point, we had a choice to either panic or ask for Celestial help.  I said a brief and urgent prayer.  In minutes, two figures appeared a great distance away from where we were. They beckoned us to follow.  With gratitude and relief, we moved toward our silent leaders.  We followed them for what seemed forever.  Although they stayed in view, they never came close to us even when I once fell.  They simply would patiently stop and then slowly move on.    By the way, no other life was seen anywhere!  When much later we finally reached an area that I recognized, the two figures disappeared without a word as quickly as they had appeared.  When my young son and I did arrive at the ski shack the parking lot was dark and empty except for my car.  No trace of people or cars anywhere.    If our helpers had been human, they wouldn’t have had time to remove skis.  Also, a car would have left tracks.

I called out to the dark sky and the cold wind and said, “Thank you, thank you whoever and whatever you are.”  The next day when an attendant was available in the small ski shack, I revisited and told her our story.  She estimated we had traveled six miles distance from the parking lot.  She also mentioned how lucky we were because wild dogs had been reported in the area attacking deer.  I did ask her if the park district at some point would have noticed our car and check as to what happened to the occupants.  ‘Eventually’, was her answer.

The loving assistance we did receive had to be another form of intelligent life. There wasn’t any other car parked in the lot at any time except mine.  We strongly believe that there are celestial beings that help those who call on them.  My youngest son and I gave thanks for the instant answer to our prayer and know with all our hearts the power and presence that is available in “Ask and ye shall receive.”
A side note:  As a result of our harrowing experience, the park district put in an order for a definitive trail with markers.

Shirlee Hall



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  1. Wow what a story. I would say from a other dimension/planet.