Saturday, December 10, 2016


A friend has a small sailboat and thoroughly enjoys taking it out in the choppy waters of Lake Michigan.  One particular Sunday when I was with him, the sky suddenly turned very dark, the winds increased and his small boat was not easy to control.  Mentally, I commanded the clouds over our sailing area to calm down.  What happened was really interesting.  A huge circle of blue sky shone above our boat and as a consequence, the waves calmed down as Brian headed back toward the buoy, a secure mooring.He never commented on the circle of peaceful sky directly above us.

When we reached our destination with the help of the circle of clear sky directly above us, he anchored his small sailboat.  Nonchalantly, he suggested I 'jump' into the dinghy, a boat we row back to the dock.  I was to make myself comfortable until he completed taking down the sail and whatever else he had to do.  Well, there is nothing nonchalant in attempting to step over into a dinghy when the waves in very deep water keep moving.  I also do not have long legs and felt like I was doing a gymnastic split.

As I attempted to step into the dinghy, the distance between the sailboat and the dinghy widened.  I felt that this was it and I would drown.  In a blink of an eye, a force lifted me into the air and gently sat me on one of the boarded slats.  I was deeply grateful, of course, and also in shock.  I immediately turned around and looked at the sailboat to see if Brian had witnessed my 'flight'.  No, he was struggling with the sail that he didn't seem to have much control over.

Events like this one have happened frequently to me.  I am convinced that we have 'helpers' in the finer realms of light.  Usually, 'they' arrive prior to my thinking of calling for help. This is evidence to me that angels, guardians, etc. watch us and already know who believes and who is due to experience a love of a much higher kind.

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