Saturday, February 25, 2017



There is a higher love available to those of us who believe.  The Holy Spirit is a loving creative energy and there is nothing it cannot create, do or heal.  I have found that the Creative Presence has a mischievous aspect.  The energy will appear and created experiences that few would believe even if they witnessed them. One of my favorite examples happened during a period of my life when I belonged to our local astronomy club.  Sometimes, the class would go out on a clear night with telescopes in hand and our instructor would educate us on what we were viewing.  Other times, we would meet at a major neighborhood bank.  My friend Jean and her husband also attended the classes.  I mention them because they were privy to witnessing what happened to me quite unexpectedly on a warm summer afternoon.
We had just finished the class and we were faced with an unexpected early spring thunderstorm.  None of us had jackets or umbrellas.  The group of students stood under the parapet…waiting.  The parking lot was large and a good distance away if anyone decided to run to his car.  Everyone chose to wait it out except me.  Some other part of me obviously decided to take action because it happened suddenly without my thinking about it.  I decided to take off my shoes and say goodbye to my friends.  I am somewhat at a loss as to how to explain what happened next.
I ran through the parking lot toward my locked car in a heavy downpour.  I was obviously in an altered state of consciousness.  What I do remember and felt was an inexplicable and childlike joy that filled my being.  I did not consciously understand what had happened until seated in the car looking at my body I realized I was totally dry!  How could that be?
About an hour later, my friend, Jean, telephoned and told me what the astronomy group had witnessed while watching me run through a downpour to my car.  “When you ran to your car, you looked like a butterfly.  Your feet seemed to flutter above the ground.”  Jean didn’t seem to be surprised at all that I had not become wet.  I feel unexpected events like this happen to show us that the One Creative and holy Power and Presence are always with us whether it is during a time of need, sorrow or joy.  I felt the inexplicable joy of the Divine, the sheer joy and freedom of it running free as a butterfly that had quite unexpectedly discovered its own wings.
So…who protected my physical body from the rain?  Why didn’t my feet touch the ground?   Did angels play with me for a few special moments?   No.  The real me, the true identity that existed before I ever entered this body was in complete charge of the experience.  Just imagine how differently life would be if the ‘real’ us always was in charge!
You may be asking, why did this light-hearted event occur?  I believe it is to remind us that there is an inner joy, a literal ‘lightness’ available to us.  We often become too bogged down with the mundane things of life.  Some of us actually allow others to steal our joy.  Isn’t it time we stop limiting our True Identity and embrace the joy within?  Why keep it caged?  Show your joy, share it and give hope to another.  Allow your spirit to dance in this wild play of consciousness.
The day we decide to seriously seek and be the essence within, we are on the path of freedom, of immortality, of eternity.  I mentioned this story to bring to your attention that the intelligence, immortal and joyful light within you and I and everyone else is one and the same.  Those of us who are consciously aware of this heightened and loving reality understand the true meaning of oneness and find special opportunities to share the pure joy of it…
I pray that whoever reads or hears this story will accept that there is indeed a pure, unlimited, free and loving being, the Holy Spirit, who lives within.



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