Saturday, June 10, 2017


We live in a physical world where accidents, illnesses, death are taken for granted.  What if there is another world, a true state that cancels out all the illusory vibrations?   Can there exist two worlds within one another...a world of freedom and truth that a few of us occasionally glimpse and a world of physical falsehood and enslavement that many take for granted?  Is there a different position we can take in matter?  I am convinced that the true physical world exists but most people are not aware of it.

Have you ever unexpectedly experienced a different vibratory state of matter that cancels out gravity?  I personally have witnessed throughout life that nothing is concrete or real in the sense that we consider normal.  True physical reality is made up of billions of points of light.  Most people haven't a clue as to what is a true state because a world of physical falsehood is accepted as normal.  Everything negative can be cancelled when we recognize, accept and have the confidence to actually use a vital power, a perfection, that exists in the same place simultaneously with imperfection.  Perfection removes falsehood, illnesses, loss and limitation.  Once we awaken to it and dare to use it for good, it cancels out the vibration of falsehood.  If more of us would allow our mind and emotions to take the time and understanding to perceive perfection, imperfection disappears.  The distortions, the falsehoods and the laws we assume are normal  hide the true miracles and grace of the natural state.

I've mentioned in detail the following examples before.  I will briefly remind you of them again because they are great firsthand experiences demonstrating the cancellation of gravity. 1)  I ran across a parking lot to my car in pouring rain without an umbrella or coat and not a drop of rain touched me.  The extra perk was the fact that my feet never touched the ground.  An unseen Force, the natural state, moved my body from an entrance of the building I had just left to the safety of my car in a blink of an eye.  I was dry and people witnessed the natural phenomena. 2) I was in a sailboat and attempting to step off of it into a dinghy so we could move safely out of the choppy water and approaching storm.  The true reality lifted my body and gently placed it in the dinghy.  I remained safe and dry.  3) The third anti-gravity event happened again in a storm. This time it was ice covering my window, visibility zero, heavily immersed in tollway traffic and not having a clue as to where I was in regards to the planned destination.  Suddenly, the car with me in it was lifted off the tollway and carried to a ramp with a gas station available for me to scrape the window clean. The True state carried the car to show me how a cancellation of gravity can occur when a consciousness is open and accepting to infinite possibilities.

If you are thinking that this is impossible, it will be impossible for you.  It is a gradual training of your mind to tune into a higher frequency, a brighter and another state of infinite possibilities.  Human life is similar to living in a cocoon.  What more people need to seek is the state of perfection. The sublime state is the natural state.  Yes, experiences like these appear to be supernatural.  Perhaps, it is natural and the glimpses we are graced with are simply a whole-new rhythm of being.  Science in recent times has given us wonderful events that have opened our eyes to an entirely different notion of space and time.  But...could it be that if more of us awakened to the higher rhythms a whole new energy-element manifests as another state, wave or reality for those who are ready to be pioneers?

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

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