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6-17-17 Shirlee's Blog
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What is needed is for us to perceive differently.  Imagine what it would be like if the collective attitude understood that everything in this world regardless of how unpleasant contains a spark of truth beneath its mask.  Some of us actually see a light behind each form.  Everything is God advancing toward Himself.  This is Reality within our midst.  The same light is hidden behind everything!  Every imperfection is a step toward perfection.

What helps us understand the great disparities of the world is the realization that everyone vibrates at their peculiar frequency according to personal soul history.  The body and mind are capable of totally changing if the personality is clear and open to a transformation.  Transformation has to do with understanding vibration as our inner light.  We can manifest a divine or much grander version of life right here in matter.  We are not a finished product.  There is only one God-Consciousness and it assumes different intensities at different levels.  There is no end to the possible combinations or no end to our evolving into a grander human being.  The hardest part is getting over all the falsity, programming, low self-esteem and fearful conditioning we have accepted as truth.  Using both qualities and defects, we can work together healing the old ways that no longer work.  Everything is waiting for us to wake up.

The purpose of our journey is the divine fulfillment of life.  We carry a record of our journey with us.  In rare moments, our eyes are open. Evolution is far from being over. An example of our ongoing journey was shown to a group of us meditating on the roof top of a hotel in a small town in Mexico.   It happened at noon.  Our guide asked me to lead a meditation for the twelve people sitting in a circle.  When I was finished, a woman excitedly called out exclaiming, "Look at Shirlee's face"!      What they were so excited about was what had unexpectedly appeared.   The group witnessed the history of my soul journey carved in hieroglyphics and pictographs on my face and neck.  The record of the journey remained visible for approximately thirty minutes.

We are responsible for our journey and must learn to draw our darkness up into the light and transmute it.  Humanity has a choice to make.  The choice is to consent to be conscious.  We just have to be willing to open our eyes.  Evolution is far from being over.  It designed to be an adventure of wakefulness and joy.

In love, peace and joy,

Shirlee Hall

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