Saturday, February 4, 2017


A new friend, a woman in her sixties, brought to my attention that she has lived in serious pain for most of her life.  When she was seventeen, she experienced a devastating farm accident.  Her spine was so badly damaged that surgery at that time was risky and she was informed that she could end up in a wheelchair.  She chose to live a life in pain. 
I listened to her story and asked for inner guidance.  An image of her as a Chinese man who had unmercifully beat the back of a serf crippling him flashed in front of me. Not knowing whether the woman believed in past lives really didn’t make a difference.  I simply told her that she had a very ancient memory in her subconscious that required forgiveness from her.  Memory is a judge, a sentence, and a jailer.  The reality of what she had inflicted on someone else was the cause of her constant suffering this life experience.
Without mentioning details, I simply suggested she go alone to her room, pray and forgive herself even though she had no conscious recollection of the cause.  She believed me.  It was that simple.  She accepted with trust what I shared and was free of the excruciating pain that was a daily part of her life for forty-five years.  The spontaneous healing occurred when she was sixty-two.  The beautiful woman continued to live to the age of one hundred and six remaining healthy and free of pain. 
Much love is sent your way,
Shirlee Hal

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