Saturday, February 18, 2017


Just because someone you know or a family member is no longer in a physical body doesn’t imply that they are now holier than they were in the physical life or have your best interests at heart.  This is why I always stress the importance of discernment.
When you depart the physical body, you leave with the consciousness you gained living as the previous personality.  Although it is not common to hear of this fact, it can happen where a soul vibrating in an invisible dimension can actually cause a human to become sick or die. A vivid example was a young woman brought to our home that smelled of death.  She was anorexic.  My friend held on to her very carefully as she gently helped the sickly girl to settle down into a comfortable chair.
As I stood over her, I became aware of an entity, her deceased sister, who had died the previous year.  I intuitively knew that the deceased sister had also been anorexic.  The “dead” sister was attempting to influence the living sister to stop eating and join her on the other side.  Until that moment, the devious plan was turning out to be successful.
Once I understood the situation, I lectured the departed sister about moral issues and that she must immediately stop and leave her sister alone.  The physical sister had plans for a new life and it was time for the departed sister moves onward into a new life for herself.
For forty-six years, I have found that the Holy Spirit, the creative power and presence, steps in and will correct and heal what is necessary at the time. Summoned angels will remove the intruder. Part of the correction and healing involves removal of the former human who is the cause of the disturbance.  Once the sickly woman sitting in the chair became free of the negative attachment and influence of her deceased sister, her health rapidly improved.  The debilitating experience and subsequent ‘rescue’ changed her consciousness.  She decided to help herself and others.  The young woman enrolled in courses of study that would provide education and treatment for ongoing health, diet and enhancing one’s sense of self-esteem.
I’ve learned never to assume anything about anyone or anything.  We must train ourselves to look past appearances, words and even actions and learn to understand energy.  I also would like to stress that this holds true for beings from the invisible worlds that claim they are a particular angel, archangel, teacher or whoever impresses a human.
Shirlee Hall


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