Monday, February 13, 2017


All existing things we see or hear, which we perceive, vibrate.  It is not always common for people to pay close attention to the energy of their thoughts, speech or the action they take.  We have an amazing power available to us.  That power is the higher vibrations of miracle changing opportunities. As long as I can remember, marvels and miracles have occurred spontaneously in my life.  I am enjoying writing this blog because it is a golden opportunity to go back and retrace moments of love that arrived periodically as a burst of light and revelation.
One of the most endearing experiences occurred when our third baby had just learned to crawl.  At the time, we lived in a two-story Colonial Home.  The staircase was steep.  Why I ever allowed him to crawl in the upstairs hallway is beyond me.  Perhaps, it was to forcefully learn the power of the word.
I had briefly turned my back and I unexpectedly heard a thump, thump, thump.  Quickly turning around, I realized the baby had crawled suddenly to the top of the staircase and had fallen over the top step and was quickly falling.  There wasn’t time for reasoning.  What I did was fling my arm out in front of me and commanded “NO!”  It was startling to see his little body stop falling and instead hovering in the air above the third descending step.  Yes, he was being held in the space above the steps securely and safely by an unseen source.  I ran quickly down the few steps and lifted him into the security of my arms.  He didn’t cry.  In fact, he was unharmed and being a baby oblivious to the drama that had unexpectedly occurred.
This story raises several questions.  Are there always angels hovering nearby to help when we have a challenge? Would the end result have been the same if I had not used a command to help him? Or, does our love for others create a miraculous environment?  Is such a simple experience demonstrating the power of a single thought or words have much more significance than we realize?   I have been in similar situations and used the same command resulting in preventing car accidents and much more.  Sometimes, a name of God is said with authority.
The inward and essential part of every being is composed of fine vibrations and the external part is formed of gross ones.  Every energetic thought sent out is received and returns in kind.  A thought is a tremendous power that can be used for good purposes or evil.  
Miracles did not cease with the close of the Biblical era.  Access to God, our Source, and Creator always remains.  The more we believe and accept the presence and power of God as our reality and deliberately use the mind for the good the greater will be our experience on earth.



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