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A ongoing mystery to many is both the subject of Sacred Geometry and DNA. Geneticists have discovered that human DNA undergoes an evolutionary jump by activating the unused DNA.  We know that language and sounds are vibration.  It has been discovered that when a person is sending positive frequencies through powerful affirmations such as gratitude, that the math depicted in sacred geometry is a infinite unbreakable truth in nature.  This means that everything exists in unity, harmony, and oneness.  Most people do not fully realize this.  For instance, if we neglect the oneness, nature will dismantle what isn't working and recreate new life forms that will work with the laws of nature. What is fascinating is the energy patterns of Sacred Geometry are found in our basic DNA.

What collective humanity needs to fully grasp is the power behind the words that are spoken and heard.  Words send a frequency that changes human DNA.  This knowledge is ancient.  If more people understood the power of the word they would not disregard the power that comes with sound in either advancing or stunting our cellular evolution.  Those of us involved in healing work know how important it is to pay attention to what actually comes out of our mouth.  The choice is always ours.  Many people talk themselves into aging, disease, poverty, lack and death.  Directly tying in with this ancient truth, Russians have learned to change DNA with frequency experiments.  By now, more people have heard of the "Flower of Life".  The image, Mandela, is seen in Egyptian temples and many other ancient temples all over the world.  Understanding the mapping of the flower of life in the human structure shows the tree of life form. Research informs us that the sacred symbol may even be found in the very first impressions of energy from the "Great Void".  The Mandela has 13 spheres in which we can find the origin of everything.  All information regarding the human being to the island universes throughout the cosmos is available through the 13 circles.

If you have had unexpected sacred geometry visions, please do your research. At the same time, accept the fact that we create Mandela's from the human voice, which directly affects our DNA. Sacred geometry unifies all relevant spiritual traditions together and it can be proven holistically through cymatics, a process for making sound waves visible. ... the  Divine Spirit part of us is a jewel.  Some of us who have let go of fear and are genuine in returning to unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness as a natural state are experiencing the Sacred Geometry.  Our true form is a mandala.  At a certain point in our reawakening process, we may actually be visited by a sacred mandala or see our own.  I have intimately experienced my own Flower of Life when wide awake.  I have consciously moved inside it.  I also have friends who are suddenly blessed with the approach in full technicolor of one of the five Platonic Solids.  We don't plan visions; they just seem to spontaneously happen.  I remember a large group of us sitting in a circle at a class I was offering.  All of a sudden a large Octahedron slowly approached the center of the circle of people and hovered for several minutes.  The Octahedron represents the element of Air and is linked to the Heart Chakra.  The shape is also a mirror, a perfect reflection of itself, which is a good reminder of the reflections that we  often are to each other.  There is so much yet for us to learn about our creation experience.

The point of mentioning Sacred Geometry, fractal patterns, in the same breath as DNA is to emphasize that all forms of life as we know and experience them flow from ageless patterns.  There is a science to consciousness.  It makes sense to me that in the natural order of things that the building blocks of nature are in harmony with our DNA building blocks.  What I find fascinating is the knowledge of the mystics finally being recognized by scientists.  We are indeed co-creators...  The ideal is to consciously create with love and wisdom and consciously feel the joy of oneness~

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