Monday, August 7, 2017


re-coding through pure intention

August 18, Friday, 7:00 pm
Sohmar Massage School - Downers Grove, IL
details and reservation:  contact-Shirlee

7000 years ago, the Indian Vedas, and Ayurveda wrote down in Sanskrit the benefits of OM (the Hindu King mantra)  The humming of MMMMM boosted the levels of Nitric acid molecules in the blood to do DNA repair and prevent aging.

All ancient Indian Maharishis with superhuman powers had 12 strand DNA.  They had fractual minds where they saw numerical equations as geometry.  Many of us are seeing these geometries today.  All of us have only 2 strands of DNA...and 96% is junk.  The 12 strand DNA seers disappeared years ago but the energy of the memory is surfacing in some of us.  Sanskrit mantra chanting is one way we can begin the activation process.  Sanskrit is a divine language from the DNA

Our workshop includes a brief lesson, meditation and a healing hour.  Bring a mat, sleeping bag, pillow for the last hour

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