Saturday, August 12, 2017


We live in uncertain times.  Frankly, all times are uncertain until we establish a firm foundation of faith and have genuinely fallen in love with the divine.  In plain talk...we recognize our own innate divinity and the divine light in all life.  The light, the spirit of truth, is our true Self regardless of what form it takes.  Consciousness has the ability to become  consciously aware of its pure light and divine identity.  Some people mistakenly preach that these years are the end times.  Yes, this cycle is but not what many believe. There is a repetitive pattern: the rising up occurs after the long rumbles, confusion and chaos begins awakening  to a higher rhythm. The rumbles are marking the end of a consciousness that has wallowed in the darkness of spiritual ignorance far too long.  Before something fresh and imbued with the wonder of light, purity, truth and beauty can make its entrance into collective consciousness, a harsh disturbance, an  end times  manifesting as a much different form of energy must first take place. 

This is how I look at the human condition as it appears outwardly today.  The typical man does not stretch himself when life is easy.  It would be a kinder journey if this were not so true. When values are threatened and life is placed in jeopardy, a choice must be made.  Once it is realized no one else will save us  and we must be responsible for our choices, a healing energy begins to move. The steps leading to awakening often are jarring. Humanity is long over due. Complacency creates chaos.  Chaos forces change. Some of us are highly expectant in our longing for a Golden Age, a cycle where humanity respects and loves all life.  What we need in order to evolve into a period of grace and loving-kindness is the pursuit of becoming a golden race.  This has absolutely nothing to do with appearance.  Gold implies purity, a genuine purity of body, mind and soul.  We are now in the beginning stages of a new evolutionary cycle .  For those who understand and have prepared the way, it is actually an energy of hope and new beginnings...

In Harmony,
Shirlee Hall

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